NECA Employee Guide to Safety & Environmental

A significant part of the NECA HSEQ Management System, the NECA Employee Guide to Safety is essential in managing the health and safety of your employees.

The NECA Employee Guide to Safety provides employers with a tool to establish and communicate sound Workplace Health, Safety and Environmental standards and procedures to employees (as required under the Model Workplace Health and Safety Laws 2013). The booklet contains advice to help prevent accidents and injuries to employees and others, and has been developed to reflect South Australia and Northern Territory requirements.

The NECA Employee Guide to Safety is written for employees and outlines the common WHS issues that employees should be aware of when working within the electrical and communications industries. The pocket-sized guide is designed to stay with the employee, and provides practical day-to-day assistance with WHS issues.

The Employee Guide to Safety has been updated in 2019 and is available to members at $10.00 each. 

The NECA Employee Guide to Safety provides information to employees on:

  • General safety rules;

  • Emergency procedures;

  • Proactive safety;

  • Plant and equipment;

  • Workplace and equipment;

  • Working at Heights;

  • Hazardous substances;

  • Electrical safety;

  • High voltage work;

  • Procedures for isolation;

  • Communications and Data safety;

  • Environmental;

  • Useful contacts.


For further information please contact the NECA SA/NT office on (08) 8272 2966 or to order your copy, please email Finance Officer, Kevin Liu.