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20th July 2018

Metering Contestability Update: What To Do In Off-Supply Situations

NECA SA/NT have been attending meetings with Australian Energy Regulator (AER), Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO), SA Power Networks (SAPN), the Energy and Water Ombudsman (EWOSA), several of the retailers (AGL, Origin, Simply Energy and Energy Australia), Department of Premier and Cabinet (DPC) and the jurisdictional regulator (ESCOSA) to discuss the delays that the new Power of Choice regulations have had on metering connections and installations.

One of the most crucial action items to come out of these meetings is for the retailers to confirm their processes for responding to and restoring supply in off-supply situations.

Please see the relevant off-supply responses from retailers below. 


Simply Energy

Simply Energy have a dedicated phone number for electricians to call in this situation. The phone number is 1800 940 775. The relevant Industry News that this was published in can be downloaded here >

Simply Energy have also supplied a flow chart for these scenarios. Download it here >


Origin Energy

Electricians and customers are to call the New Connections phone number 1300 132 480 where there is a customer off-supply.



Please email or phone Leah Boyce at NECA SA/NT on 0402 384 999 for further details. 


Energy Australia

Please email or phone Leah Boyce at NECA SA/NT on 0402 384 999 for further details. 


If you have issues, queries or an off-supply scenario, please email all the details of the job and the relevant issue to Leah Boyce at NECA SA/NT who will be able to forward it on to the Australian Energy Regulator (AER) for action.