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26th February 2016

Mandatory Home Safety Electrical Audits

26 Feb 2016

The National Electrical and Communications Association (NECA) is calling for the introduction of a mandatory, electrical safety audit for households.

“We’re supporting this initiative given the age of Australia’s residential housing stock which presents challenges for incoming home owners or renters,” said the NECA CEO, Mr Suresh Manickam.

These challenges exist where electrical wiring and associated equipment may be:

  • Compliant with past versions of the Australian Building Code (ABC)
  • Not compliant with the current version of the ABC
  • Degrading or deteriorating such that remedial action is either immediately or imminently required


“Whilst home electrical safety checks are encouraged, but not enforced, across Commonwealth States and Territories, NECA believes it’s critical that all new home purchasers are made fully aware of any wiring or electrical safety issues upon the sale and purchase of a property.”

“This is even more prevalent given Australia’s ageing housing stock and their non-adherence to more contemporary versions of the Australian Building Code. The same approach should also occur at the time of any new rental arrangement,” Mr Manickam said.

“NECA argues that routine/regular electrical safety checks in residential or commercial property will provide a clear signal to property owners with respect to safety/standard adequacy. Such a signal should then give rise to property owners who will act to improve the wiring (and safety) standards of their property.”

Home Safety Electrical Audits should be carried out by a qualified and licensed electrician at all times and occur at the point of sale or any new rental arrangement. The Transfer of Title would not occur until a proof of Audit was produced to the relevant Land Titles Office of the relevant State/Territory Government.

“Such a proposition would be both quick and inexpensive and would provide the consumer with a list of safety issues, remedies and costs that enables them to budget for the future,” said Mr Manickam.




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