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01 Feb 2021


21 December 2020

NECA appointed to PaTH Business Placements Partnerships panel to create pathways for young Australians into jobs

11 December 2020

NECA appoints new National CEO

7 December 2020

NECA welcomes Queensland Government extension of free TAFE apprenticeships for under 25s

4 December 2020

NECA Welcomes new TasTafe CEO appointment

27 November 2020

Appointment of new National Vocational Education and Training Regulator

24 November 2020

NECA welcomes NSW Government push to improve electrical safety in homes

13 November 2020

NSW government right to shine a light on serious safety risks caused by shady solar installers

12 November 2020

State and federal government progress on unfair contract legislation an important step forward: NECA

5 November 2020

NECA Apprentices in Queensland riding the COVID wave

4 November 2020

NECA responds to government report on NSW building and construction sector

3 November 2020

NECA welcomes NSW government announcement which will light up schools and power the economy

30 October 2020

NECA industry survey reveals need for regulatory reform alongside stimulus

07 October 2020

NECA welcomes Federal Government budget which puts Australia on path to recovery

04 October 2020

NECA welcomes government apprenticeship support for all businesses

02 October 2020

NECA calls on government to continue economic support as survey shows recovery 'hangs in the balance'

24 September 2020

NECA welcomes proposed insolvency laws as 'hand up rather than hand out'

28 August 2020

"Building for Recovery": NECA commends ACT jobs and economic recovery plan

26 August 2020

NECA calls on government to ditch guaranteed super rise

25 August 2020

NECA supports the RBA's calls for states to supercharge infrastructure spending

17 August 2020

NECA welcomes State and Federal agreement to harmonise licences

3 August 2020

NECA and Master Plumbers Tasmania call for wide-ranging reforms and stimulus in Pre-Budget Submission to Tasmanian Government

3 August 2020

NECA Pre-Budget Submission calls for range of measures to support business and rebuild the economy

22 July 2020

NECA welcomes Federal and Tasmanian Government commitment to electrical training in Tassie

16 July 2020

NECA welcomes Government's billion dollar support package for apprentices

7 July 2020

NECA welcomes Tasmanian Government partnership with industry to support construction and infrastructure projects

16 June 2020

NECA supports Queenlsand government focus on small business

15 June 2020

NECA supports Tassie construction blitz and urges governments to pursue structural reforms too

5 June 2020

Four out of five electricians see work disappearing within 6 months without Government action: NECA calls for a comprehensive approach to stimulus

5 June 2020

NECA COVID-19 Industry impact survey results and policy implications

4 June 2020

NECA: HomeBuilder scheme a start but comprehensive stimulus package required for recovery

25 May 2020

NECA welcomes Tasmania plan for COVID-19 recovery phase

22 May 2020

NECA welcomes Government investment in local projects

22 April 2020

A timely warning for DIY enthusiasts: not all home improvement tasks are ‘do-it-yourself’

16 April 2020

NECA Welcomes new ACT Work Health and Safety Commissioner

9 April 2020

COVID-19 crisis calls for the abolition of payroll tax

7 April 2020

NECA calls for flexibility in enterprise agreements: Amend Fair Work Act

2 April 2020

NECA calls on Attorney-General to introduce moratorium on ‘Liquidated Damages’ provisions

2 April 2020

NECA gains clarity on 'Essential Services' in Tasmania

27 March 2020

NECA calls for Federal and State Treasurers to consider unprecedented measures for unprecedented times

25 March 2020

NECA calls for a holistic approach to supporting apprenticeships

23 March 2020

NECA calls for state governments to give businesses a ‘hand up, not a hand out’ by abolishing payroll tax

13 March 2020

Industry update: NECA 2020 Electrotechnology Conference CANCELLED

13 March 2020

NECA: Use crisis as an opportunity to support business in the long-term

13 March 2020

NECA: Federal Government stimulus package industry factsheet

11 March 2020

Industry update: Cabling and electrical product supply chains are robust and it is business as usual

21 Feb 2020

NSW government support for apprentices in bushfire affected areas a great start

22 Jan 2020

NSW Government proposals are a critical step for construction industry



02 Dec 2019

Residents urged to remain vigilant for unlicensed tradespeople during storm clean-up

29 Nov 2019

NECA Submission: Delivering skills for today and tomorrow

21 Nov 2019

Industry celebrates NECA National Excellence Award Winners

21 Nov 2019

NECA Celebrates future stars of the electrotechnology industry at 2019 Excelence and Apprentice Awards

9 Sept 2019

NECA Centre of Excellence opens in Chullora

3 Sept 2019

NECA welcomes new Standards Australia CEO

28 Aug 2019

NECA comments: Career satisfaction often sparked by a trade

6 July 2019

NECA welcomes NSW Building Commissioner and urges whole-of-industry approach to tackle current problems

11 July 2019

NECA comments: When building insurers are afraid, we should all be very afraid of dodgy buildings

6 June 2019

NECA comments: System punishing subcontractors

20 May 2019

Skills, Small business and energy must be top of agenda for new government



6 Dec 2018

NECA welcomes extension to the Adult Australian Apprentices payments

22 Nov 2018

NECA recognises future stars of the electrotechnology industry

22 Nov 2018

Electrotechnology industry celebrates NECA National Excellence Award Winners 2018

31 Oct 2018

Bush wage subsidy trial welcome

26 Oct 2018

A step towards a fairer energy market

8 Oct 2018

NECA Announces 2019 electrotechnology conference

24 Sept 2018

NECA and MEA cease negotiations

21 Sept 2018

NECA welcomes cancellation of VET FEE-HELP debts

17 Sept 2018

Celebrating excellence in the electrotechnology sector New South Wales

10 Sept 2018

Celebrating excellence in the electrotechnology sector Queensland

04 Sept 2018

Celebrating exellence in the electrotechnology sector South Australia & Northern Territory

04 Sept 2018

Celebrating excellence in the electrotechnology sector Victoria

30 Aug 2018

Infrastructure projects need safeguards to protect subcontractors

29 Aug 2018

NECA urges the new PM to action

27 Aug 2018

Tasmanian Government congratulates local electrical contractors and apprentices

27 Aug 2018

Celebrating excellence in the electrotechnology sector Western Australia

24 Aug 2018

Celebrating excellence in the electrotechnology sector Australian Capital Territorry

22 Aug 2018

Senate Committee calls for occupational licencing reform

21 Aug 2018

Celebrating excellence in the electrotechnology sector Tasmania

21 Aug 2018

Australian business needs certainty from government

19 Jul 2018

Electrical contractor heavyweight joins chorus of industry concerns

17 Jul 2018

Hotline helps protect small business from phoenixing

3 Jul 2018

Joint Announcement - National Electrical and Communications Association and Master Electricians Australia

29 Jun 2018

Labor reverses position on small business tax cuts

28 Jun 2018

Tax cut reversal a threat to family businesses

20 Jun 2018

NSW Budget - NECA welcomes boost to apprenticeships and payroll tax relief 

18 Jun 2018

Tasmania budget creates opportunities for electrical contractors

15 Jun 2018

Tasmania signs up to support apprenticeship training

8 Jun 2018

NECA welcomes apprenticeship National Partnership Program

22 May 2018

Security of Payment recommendations good news for electrical contractors

9 May 2018

Government's infrastructure investment presents growth opportunities for electrical contractors

3 May 2018

Defect electrical bigger than cladding 

27 Mar 2018

The well-paid career path that parents don't want their children to take

27 Feb 2018

Preventing a future skills shortage

7 Feb 2018

NECA successfully negotiates with extension to Building Wiring Cables Compliance Rules

2 Feb 2018

NECA selected to provide apprentice mentoring program 

30 Jan 2018

Shining a light on asbestos in homes 

11 Jan 2018

NECA Welcomes new ABCC Commissioner



8 December, 2017: 2017 National Excellence Awards

10 November, 2017: NECA Passes 5000 members mark

9 November, 2017: Former Auto Plant Worker wins electrotechnology Trade Teacher Award

27 October, 2017: NECA Releases ACT pre-budget submission

20 October, 2017: Bring back a contestable works code: NECA

14 September, 2017: Aluminium cladding shows need for progress on non-compliant electrical products: NECA

14 September, 2017: NECA NSW Excellence and Apprentice Awards

14, September, 2017: WA Excellence Awards

14 September, 2017: NECA SA/NT Excellence and Apprentice Awards

14 September, 2017: NECA ACT Excellence and Apprentice Awards

14 September, 2017: NECA QLD Excellence and Apprentice Awards

15 August, 2017: NECA VIC Excellence and Apprentice Awards

11 August, 2017: NECA TAS 2017 Excellence and Apprentice Awards

10 August, 2017: Getting the right fit for apprenticeships

8 August, 2017: Disruption may be the name of the game in today's fast paced technological world... but could we minimise pain?

24 July, 2017: A first for NECA at INTEGRATE 2017

24 July, 2017: Electrotechnology enrolments boosted in new VET system

11 July, 2017: Market Monitor 2016-17

13 June, 2017: A Faulty Electric Blanket can be fatal

6 June, 2017: Preparing young Australians for jobs

5 June, 2017: Member Survey - Murray Review into security of payment laws

29 May, 2017: Payroll tax relief for apprentices highlights clever Tasmanian Budget

10 May, 2017: Small Business and Infrastructure opportunities for Electrical Contractors

8 May, 2017: Security of Payments reforms are critical

3 May, 2017: Shine a light on asbestos in homes

19 April, 2017: NECA welcomes 457 announcement

18 April, 2017: Company tax cuts benefit small and medium enterprises

4 April, 2017: Founder of NHP, Nigel Hugh Peck, dies aged 89

22 March, 2017: NECA supports industry calls for apprenticeship action

21 March, 2017: Young tradesman dies after an electric shock in roof space

20 February, 2017: NHP to be the lead sponsor of the 2017 National Excellence Awards

15 February, 2017: Faster Building Code transition great for sub-contractors

10 February, 2017: NECA SA Director to head up Electrotechnology IRC

January 18, 2017: Better outlook for apprentices in 2017


15 December, 2016: Get ready for the festive season! Twelves Days of Christmas Electrical Safety

6 December, 2016: 2017 Market Monitor

1 December, 2016: ABCC's return is a victory for Australia's electrical contractors

30 November, 2016: Australia's Electrical Contractors call for the return of the ABCC

30 November, 2016: Energy Efficient Lighting Consultation

29 November, 2016: Registered Organisation Act passed - common sense prevails

21 November, 2016: 2016 National Excellence Awards

18 November, 2016: 2016 National Apprentice and Trade Teacher Awards

2 November, 2016: 2016 NECA NSW Excellence and Apprentice Awards

25 October, 2016: Be safe this Summer!

24 October, 2016: An industry-first for LED Technology

14 October, 2016: NECA announces new leadership

12 October, 2016: New VET Student Loans program

6 October, 2016: NECA member proclaimed SA Business Woman of the Year

6 October, 2016: Tasmania takes a bold step for the electrical contracting industry

4 October, 2016: Alternative Pathways Project - The Facts

4 October, 2016: ACT Government Inquiry

27 September, 2016: A special thanks to the National Awards Sponsors

13 September, 2016: Avoiding penalty costs around contracts

9 September, 2016: 2016 NECA QLD Excellence and Apprentice Awards

2 September, 2016: ABCC legislation to be reintroduced to Parliament

30 August, 2016: 2016 NECA SA Excellence and Apprentice Awards

29 August, 2016: 2016 NECA TAS Excellence and Apprentice Awards

29 August, 2016: VET reputational damage a cause for concern

24 August, 2016: 2016 WA NECA Excellence Awards Winners

22 August, 2016: 2016 ACT NECA Excellence Awards Winners

19 August, 2016: 2016 NECA VIC Excellence Awards Winners

5 August, 2016: NECA releases its 2016 Policy Statement

1 August, 2016: Electrotechnology needs better targeted investment

29 July, 2016: Further evidence to reinstate the ABCC

19 July, 2016: NECA to deliver innovative apprenticeship projects

12 July, 2016: Re-elected Government now has a mandate to re-establish the ABCC 

8 July, 2016: Declining student numbers in VET shows need to facilitate private training: NECA

5 July, 2016: NECA's concerns with Energy Queensland

4 July, 2016: From gas lighting to fibre optics...

28 June, 2016: Inquiry recommendation highlights need for VET reform

22 June, 2016: Budget back in black but more to be done on training

21 June, 2016: Energy Efficient Lighting Focus

16 June, 2016: ACT building reforms - heading in the right direction

14 June, 2016: Online communities must still comply

7 June, 2016: NECA calls for expanded unfair contracts legislation

3 June, 2016: Ten steps towards a more competitive Australia

31 May, 2016: NECA's Winter Safety Message

17 May, 2016: Election litmus test for building and construction

9 May, 2016: NECA Industry Conference Wrap-Up

6 May, 2016: NECA urges all parties to adopt sound Electrical Contractor policies

6 May, 2016: Small Business wins from 2016 Budget

19 April, 2016: NECA expresses surprise with Ergon and Energex

19 April, 2016: HECS debt blowout signals need for VET reform

11 April, 2016: Robina electrocution reinforces dangers of working live

23 March, 2016: Annual Review 2015 now available!

21 March, 2016: Final Program for South Africa, and less than four weeks to go!

15 March, 2016: NECA calls for greater VET scrutiny

10 March, 2016: Slashing red tape good for electrical contractors

8 March, 2016: Apprentice Stats Highlight Need for Mature Wage Apprentice Subsidy

7 March, 2016: NECA Endorses new ACCC Infinity Cables Campaign

26 February, 2016: Mandatory Home Safety Electrical Audits

24 February, 2016: Lean and Green keeps you in the black

18 February, 2016: Save someone's life - spread the word about faulty cables

18 February, 2016: NECA NEWS publication dates and advertising rates now available for 2016

12 February, 2016: Appointment of New Executive Director NECA Victoria Chapter

9 February, 2016: NECA Endorses new ACCC Infinity Cables Campaign

7 February, 2016:Why a Mature Wage Subsidy Makes Sense

2 February, 2016: ABCC must be returned

1 February, 2016: Dangers highlighted by the electrocution of Victorian dairy farmer

1 February, 2016: NECA South Africa 2016 Industry Conference Update

19 January, 2016: Lean and Green for savings success

6 January, 2016: Melbourne electrocution: another sad day for our industry

5 January, 2016: Royal Commission findings reinforce need for ABCC return