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12th January 2018

Federal Pre-Budget Submission 2018/19

The National Electrical and Communications Association (NECA) has released its Federal Pre-Budget Submission for 2018/19 outlining key funding recommendations for the electrical and communications industry within Australia.


The recommendations call for funding for initiatives that will provide greater safety and reduced energy costs for home and small business owners, offer additional training for licensed electricians, provide better training facilities and career pathways for a more diverse group of apprentices and which help protect the future of small electrical businesses.

NECA Recommends:

  • Establishing a new training centre in Western Sydney for electro-technology apprentices.

  • Creating a more robust electro-technology training program:
    • Assessment of a core set of competencies that reflect current and future industry needs
    • Development of practical maths lessons in schools for students pursuing a trade apprenticeship
    • Literacy and numeracy programs for selected apprentices to ensure successful completion of their apprenticeship.

  • Attracting a greater diversity of apprentices by:
    • Allocate funding to provide mentors for female electrical apprentices.
    • Offering financial incentives for employers who employ mature age (21 years or over) apprentices. 

  • Protecting the future of small electrical businesses:
    • Create greater visibility of available Government grants
    • Preserve the commitment to reducing the Company Tax Rate to 25 per cent
    • Extending Unfair Contract protections legislation to better cover small businesses.

  • Improving electrical safety for homes and small businesses through:
    • More thorough batch testing routine to identify non-conforming products
    • Mandatory Wiring Safety Audits
    • Incentives for property owners to undertake voluntary Home Energy Audits
    • Incentives for households to install solar energy and battery storage units
    • A comprehensive audit regime for smart meters.


NECA Chief Executive Officer, Suresh Manickam said “We’ve presented tangible and realistic recommendations to the Federal Government which will help future-proof the electrical and communications industry and support the critically important small business sector within Australia.

“Greater training and support for pre-apprentice and apprentice programs will ensure that the next generation of electrical contractors will be trained to the highest standard and will not compromise on safety standards. These standards will benefit the Australian economy.

“Providing financial incentives and greater protection for licensed electrical contracting businesses will benefit the Australian economy and electrical contractors. In turn, consumers working with a licenced electrical contractor can benefit from expert advice on how to reduce their environmental footprint and cut their energy costs.

“NECA will continue to work with the Federal, State and Territory Governments to ensure a successful future for the Australian electrical and communications industry.





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Notes for editors

  1. NECA is the peak industry body representing the interests of electrical and communications contractors Australia-wide.
  2. NECA is owned by electrical contractors and directly benefits electrical contractors.
  3. Membership comprises over 5,000 electrical contracting companies Australia-wide.
  4. NECA wholly-owns Registered Training Organisations and Group Training Organisations in NSW, VIC & WA, ACRS (a national cabling registrar) and has a joint venture with NESS Super in NSW.
  5. NECA is responsible for the employment, training and skilling of over 4,800 current and future electricians and contractors
  6. Approximately one in three Australian electro-technology apprentices are involved with a NECA GTO and/or RTO.

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