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NECA welcomes opening of Payment Times Reports Register

3rd December 2021
The National Electrical and Communications Association (NECA) has welcomed the opening of the Commonwealth Government’s Payment Times Reports Register. It will ... MORE

NECA continues to call for greater ring-fencing regulations.

11th November 2021
The National Electrical and Communications Association (NECA) is disappointed by the AER’s updated... MORE

Safe Work confirms NECA safety practices correct after ETU action disrupted construction sites

5th November 2021
After aggressive tactics were used by the Electrical Trades Union (ETU) to disrupt construction sites across Sydney, Safe Work has confirmed to the National Electrical and Communications Association (NECA) that:

NECA wins Work Safe and Return to Work Award in Queensland

11th October 2021
The National Electrical Communications Association (NECA) has won the Queensland Government Work Safe Award for ‘Best solution to an identified electrical safety issue'.
The award was... MORE

Business Partner Update: With IPD

6th October 2021


IEC 61850 - The future of smart LV networks

Since 2014, ABB’s Sace Emax 2 ACBs... MORE

QBCC Redefines the rules for Electricians Installing single head split air-conditioning systems

24th September 2021

NECA's lobbying with the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) has redefined the rules for an electrician installing a single split head air-conditioning system. 

The rules around installing a single head split system, has been somewhat confusing and NECA has consistently been arguing for a fairer system. The fact sheet provides for clearer examples of what constitutes... MORE

NESS Super: Investment Returns

24th September 2021

NESS Super announces increased final investment return to members for the NES MySuper investment option to 19.65% for the financial year ended 30 June 2021. 

To find out more about our final investment performance for all our other investment options, please visit

... MORE

Minamata Convention on Mercury to be ratified in early 2022

23rd September 2021

The Australian Government is in the process of formally ratifying the Minamata Convention on Mercury. Once ratified, Australia will be bound under international law to meet the obligations of the Convention.  

... MORE

Call for Nominations to Represent NECA on Standards Australia Committees

15th September 2021

NECA represents its members on over 40 Standards Australia committees. 28 of these are actively working on amendments to current editions or and new editions. These Standards... MORE

Essential Energy is making changes to Ancillary Network Services charges

8th September 2021

Following a recent review of the Ancillary Network Services (ANS), Essential Energy is applying changes to several Ancillary Network Services (ANS) charges, effective from 30... MORE


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