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Is Your Home Safe?

Electrical safety tips everyone should know

We're proud to present the 'Is Your Home Safe?' guide which is designed to provide people with easy-to-implement electrical safety tips for the home.

It encourages the safe use of electricity and aims to educate people to minimise potential risks posed by electricity, in and around your home.

Covering key topics such as RCD's, Smoke Alarms, Equipment and Appliances, as well featuring a handy 'Home Electrical Safety Checklist' and a useful infographic illustrating electricity hotspots in and around the home. This is a must have guide for individuals and familes with young children.

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Living with electricity - Things to remember

As part of the 'Is Your Home Safe?' guide, we've included an inforgraphic that illustrates electricity hotspots in and around the home. It's a really handy illustration worthy of pinning on your fridge!

Click the above image to save a larger print format of the infographic.


Hidden Dangers in Old Homes - Old Wiring Risk

Is your old home at risk? 

This video clip showcases the College of Electrical Training playing a key role within an important segment on Seven News, relating to old wiring in homes built in the 50's and 60's. If your home is from that era, make sure you're not at risk and seek an inspection from a licensed electrician.