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NECA EnergySmart

The energy landscape is rapidly changing towards a greener movement. Consumers are becoming more energy conscious and are seeking cleaner and more cost-effective forms of energy.

Power bills are forever increasing as there seems to be no cost breaks given to consumers from the major power companies. As this trend continues, consumers are looking to move to more efficient ways to power their homes and save on growing energy costs.

NECA’s College of Electrical Training has recently undergone the initiation of a new set of courses for NECA member electricians to undertake known as NECA EnergySmart. These courses are designed to upskill already qualified NECA member electricians, and help them gain added skills within the energy efficiency sector.  

Whether an electrician is looking to develop an energy efficient lighting analysis for a customer's home, or devising a strategy to reduce energy costs for a client's electrical installation – by becoming an accredited NECA EnergySmart electrician, they will be able to provide the right energy efficient recommendations, auditing and analysis to consumers who are seeking specialist advice.


What training must NECA EnergySmart electricians undertake to become accredited?

A NECA EnergySmart accredited electrician will have successfully completed at a minimum, the Energy Management course which is one of the eight courses available within the series of EnergySmart courses. These courses provide electricians with the knowledge and skillset to conduct energy efficiency audits and provide their customers with solutions in reducing energy output.

Once a NECA member electrician successfully completes the Energy Management course, they will receive NECA EnergySmart accreditation, which is symbolised by this badge:


What benefit will I get by receiving advice from a NECA EnergySmart accredited electrician?

A NECA EnergySmart accredited electrician can provide you with valuable advice to help reduce your energy costs by conducting an energy efficiency analysis of your home. They will be able to advise on energy efficient lighting, solar power recommendations, energy efficient appliances, heating and cooling optimisation, and much more. 

Click here to find out about the courses that NECA EnergySmart accredited electricians’ must undertake to be able to provide specialist advice. 


How can I find a local NECA EnergySmart accredited electrician?

You can find them right here. See the map below of accredited NECA EnergySmart electricians who can best advise you on how to save on your energy costs and recommend a customised energy efficiency solution for your home.

By clicking on the NECA EnergySmart icons you can unlock the contact details of all accredited electricians and get in touch with them.