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NECA Business Essentials Program

We are now offering this course both online and in-person!

Owning and running your own business provides opportunities that are exciting, challenging, exhausting, invigorating, and rewarding. It is continual learning that is key to growing a successful business.

How can you accelerate the pace of your learning – to then be more alert to the opportunities that will place you ahead of the game?

At NECA, we know hard work and personal sacrifice are not enough to make a business successful. That's why we have collaborated with Engine Room Business Innovation to develop the NECA Business Essentials Program - a 5 month coaching and training program facilitated by the developers of the highly esteemed Curtin Growth Program.

This innovative program integrates 5 half-day, interactive workshops and coaching sessions, online learning and the development of a Business Improvement Plan that combine to accelerate the profitability, performance and sustainability of participating businesses. These can take place either in-person, or online from the comfort of your own home.


In-Person – commencing 4th May 2022

For 5 consecutive months, attend a half-day interactive workshop followed by a two hour coaching session.

• Enrolling in the in-person program means scheduled time away from day-to-day business problems, to focus on the bigger picture. Participants will return, after a full-day out of the business, with the knowledge and confidence to implement new initiatives into their business that will drive success.

This format is suitable for Perth based members that enjoy being in a classroom environment.
NECA Business Essentials Program (In-Person) – commencing 4th May 2022

Virtual – commencing 5th May 2022

For 20 consecutive weeks, attend a 1.5 hour session online.  

• Enrolling in the online program means establishing a weekly routine (drum beat) whereby you to pause and step out of the daily operations to focus on the bigger picture.  Participants obtain weekly stimulation in short sessions that develops their knowledge to implement new ideas into the business.

This format is suitable for members based anywhere in the world who enjoy short sessions from the comfort of their own office or home.
NECA Business Essentials Program (Online) – commencing 5th May 2022

Both program formats include online learning (videos, articles, tools etc) via a Learning Management System and the development of a Business Improvement Plan for Business Owners (Business Improvement Project for Managers) that combine to accelerate the profitability, performance and sustainability of participating businesses.
• Access to a Learning Management System for pre-program resources and pre and post session/workshop material.  The resources prime you to learn more intensely in the sessions and complements and supplements the material covered.  The LMS is available for a further 3 months following the end of the program.

• Undertake five 1:1 coaching sessions to reflect on the topic key learnings and to progress a Business Improvement Project (BIP). 
Rather than 100% of participants' time being spent on current operational issues, the BIP will motivate you to step back from the business, and spend 20% of your time on a project that will move your business to the ‘next level’.  Completion of the BIP alone should provide benefits that well exceed the cost of the program.

The program provides you with the skillset and confidence to exploit opportunities, embrace change and adapt quickly to the challenges of running your own business in today’s uncertain business environment.



Coaches of the Program

Participants will gain great insights to business leadership from coaches Glenn Taylor and Michelle Chafin. Together, they have over 40 years experience in workshop facilitation to over 1,500 business owners and managers, and over 20 years of business coaching across hundreds of businesses across a wide gamut of industries. 

Topics covered

Pre-Program - available via the learning management system

To prime your mind before the program – access to the Learning Management System to explore the following topics:
  • Learning and Reflection
  • Time Management
  • Project Management
  • Business Constraints and Diagnostics


Main Program: There are 5 topics that you will ‘deep dive’ into, whilst on the program – that will take your business to the next level. When you enrol in the program you will also gain immediate access to the Learning Management System.


1. Vision 2. Finance 3. Systems 4. People  5. Marketing and Sales
What's the vision for the business and the current constraints? 
Find out more >
Collecting and counting the money
Find out more >
Do it once, do it right - safely, to spec and on time
Find out more >
Finding, recruiting and retaining good staff
Find out more >
Getting known in the market and doing a good deal
Find out more >
  • Reason for starting
  • Vision for 10 years
  • Goals for 1, 2, 5 years
  • Drafting the BIP
  • Energy and time management
  • Financial reports
  • Gross margin
  • Driving profitability
  • Cash cycle and management
  • KPIs
  • Systems thinking
  • Systematising
  • Key processes
  • Procedures and forms
  • Errors and improvement
  • Finding and selecting
  • Team integration
  • Paying and rewarding
  • Training and developing
  • Growing and inspiring
  • Image and visibility
  • Project selection
  • Quotes and contracts
  • Customer service
  • Program reflection


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Here's what Allan O'Grady, Managing Director of Global Cabling Solutions, has to say about his experience with Engine Room and their business coaching services and programs (or click here to view):


Why enrol in the NECA Business Essentials Program?

  • To clarify your business goals
  • To improve your profits and cash flow
  • To develop good systems
  • To find and keep good staff
  • To find new customers and increase sales
  • To learn new information, develop new skills, and grow as a successful business owner


Who should enrol?

Business owner(s) and/or senior manager(s) of electrical businesses of any size. 

Program investment

Virtual Program: 

Program deposit: $450 + GST - payable upon enrolment (access to Learning Management System is available once deposit is paid)
1st Instalment: $1,500 + GST
(25th February 2022)
2nd Instalment: $1,500 + GST
(25th March 2022)

Total Investment: $3,450 + GST

In-Person Program:

Program deposit: $450 + GST - payable upon enrolment (access to Learning Management System is available once deposit is paid)
1st Instalment: $2,000 + GST
(25th February 2022)
2nd Instalment: $2,000 + GST
(25th March 2022 )

Total Investment: $4,450 + GST

How to enrol

It's time to make the future of your business a priority. Control your business rather than it controlling you!

Once you have completed the online form, we will be in contact to answer any questions you may have and confirm your enrolment.

Hurry - places are strictly limited.

Any questions?

Contact David Roberts, ECA WA Digital Marketing Manager at or phone (08) 6241 6100.