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Contract Admin and Commercial Awareness Seminars

As we all know, contract conditions can be difficult and without the records to support your payment claims, all that hard work may be for zero return if you end up in dispute.

NECA WA’s series of Contract Admin & Commercial Awareness seminars are specifically designed to take you from pre-contract through to final account, providing our members with invaluable tips and advice on how to avoid disputes, maximise profits and resolve disputes if they become unavoidable. We recommend attending the full series of 5 seminars, as each session covers different topics - however this is not essential.


Any staff who are currently (or about to be) involved in the contract process – including project managers, contract administrators, programmers and supervisors.  At just $50 (plus GST) per session, upskilling your team is affordable and could save you thousands by avoiding potential disputes.


"I think the seminars were invaluable – we all know how to do electrical work but are not experts in contract administration. The seminars point out things to be aware of and offer avenues of actions to take to keep us out of disputes and what records need to be kept in the event of disputes.”

"The presenters were excellent – interesting and informative seminars.  Reinforced focus on the importance of contract admin."


Session 1
Deals with matters such as negotiating and reviewing contracts, ensuring your terms and conditions are up to date and appropriate, making sure your programme is appropriate for your scope of works and the risks you have agreed to take on within your contract price.

Session 2a
Deals with all aspects related to contract administration throughout the duration of the contract, from record keeping and administering payment provisions to ensure timely payments, to dealing with variations and similar contractual issues which, if not dealt with appropriately, invariably cost you time and money.

Session 2b
Specific focus on contract administration related to programming, planning, delays, disruptions, extensions of time etc. Essentially if you ‘fail to plan, then you plan to fail’. This session will demonstrate how to implement and maintain basic planning programmes to help preserve your rights to extensions of time and protection from levy of liquidated damages.

Session 3
Deals with issues related to closing of a contract to ensure all variation works are captured and paid for, all delay and disruption impacts are acknowledged and paid for and all claims are submitted and/or resolved, to ensure final payments are made and retentions are not wrongly withheld.

Session 4
Provides advice and guidance on how to deal with disputes encountered at all stages of the contractual process, offering practical tips and experiences on how to deal with disputes from an avoidance basis initially but failing that from a resolution perspective, touching on contractual letter writing and record keeping to claim generation and dispute resolution via Adjudication under the Construction Contracts Act 2004.


Currently, there are no sessions scheduled in the coming months, but stay tuned to this page or check out eNews bulletins for updates. 

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