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NECA Victoria introduced a Women's Network in 1999 which is open to all NECA members.  The Network has been set up to encourage greater information sharing between women who are involved in electrical businesses.


More than 90 per cent of NECA members have small electrical contracting businesses and in many cases while the electrician operates the technical side, their partners manage the administration role.


The electrical industry is seen quite generally as male dominated and male oriented; however in many electrical partnership/businesses women often work 'behind the scenes' performing a multitude of tasks.  Running a successful business requires planning, time management, business skills and in the majority of cases, exceptional ability to 'juggle' a whole range of tasks (often at the same time).  We acknowledge the important role women play in the electrical industry.


Regardless of the size of your business or the level of experience NECA aims to help women develop business related skills, break the isolation of working from home and form mentoring relationships.


Our training/seminars are held bi-monhtly covering topics of interest to members - these seminars are conducted at the NECA Victoria office in South Melbourne.


The NECA Business Women's Network is an opportunity for you to build contacts, relationships and exchange ideas.



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Past Women's Network Events


Productivity with a P.U.N.C.H - NECA Women's Network 15 November


Managing Stress & Improving Performance - NECA Women's Network Event on 12 July

Unshakeable at Work - NECA Women's Network Event on 8 March