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A productive mindset is one that makes the best use of your resources, your time, your energy and your effort.

Many people spend their days in a frenzy of activity but achieve very little, because they’re not concentrating their effort on the things that matter the most. Mmm... sound familiar?

This punchy personal productivity workshop will teach both new and tried and tested ways to organise your time for a more productive life.

“Entertaining, informative and valuable. You provided useful strategies that can be applied in the workplace and personal life.”

The modern working environment is fast paced and continually changing. We have varied communication channels, virtual teams, technology updates, meetings and various emotional, interpersonal and time pressures.

Many people spend their days in a frenzy of activity, but can at times achieve very little, because they are not concentrating their effort on the things that matter the most.

In order to survive and thrive organisations today must continually rethink their thinking and adapt to the constantly changing conditions and new opportunities.

This workshop is designed to strengthen the productivity mindset and provides participants with new strategies and develop and own their own best practice strategies and also an opportunity to share their own best practices initiatives with the team.

  • Understanding "The Procrastinators Motto" and why it de motivates us
  • Identify why we procrastinate, links to perfectionism and how to overcome it
  • Discover a simple but effective strategy to assist participants who put off the tough stuff
  • Set priorities using the Important & Urgent Paradigms and evaluate where you currently spend your time
  • Discover the essential word in persuasive language
  • Highly effective meeting top tips
  • Delegate effectively with working styles in mind
  • Strategies to heighten energy throughout the day
  • The art of appreciating others for team success

What you get?

  • 2 Hour workshop
  • Lunch
  • Networking opportunities with likeminded women



About the presenter 

Sabina Vitacca

Speaker, Workshop facilitator - Mindfulness, Resilience, Mastering Stress, Productivity


Sabina understands that productive people don’t only manage their time well, they also manage their attention and energy well. Her passion is to support professionals and executives in learning how to make the best use of these key skills. Her delivery style radiates warmth and wisdom and her genuine enthusiasm has participants fully engaged.






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