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Free Wiring Rules guides by NECA

29th June 2018

It is FINALLY HERE. The long-awaited AS/NZS 3000:2018 has a release date of June 2018, for soft copy PDF format with A5 hard copy booklets available by August 2018. With hundreds of changes it is absolutely critical for every electrician to be well informed and across the changes.


Electricians will need to comply with all... MORE

Welcome New Apprentice Mentors

29th June 2018



NECA has welcomed four Mentors as part of the Industry Specific Mentoring for Australian Apprentices program (ISMAA) launched in February 2018.  The mentors will be matched with first and second year apprentices and support them to be retained and complete their apprenticeships.


How the Service works.

For... MORE

A change for the better – electricianXchange

29th June 2018

The reason for initiating electricianXchange

Leaving aside the current unsustainable infrastructure driven need for electricians, employers have been held to ransom from an electrician staffing view point. They’ve been held to ransom through generalist job... MORE

Pre-Apps shine at Bright Spark program launch - Charlotte Beverage (NECA E & C)

29th June 2018

Who doesn’t love a Friday? Well Friday March 9 was particularly exciting at NECA Education & Careers as it was the day we officially launched our Bright Spark program for pre-apprentices.

The Bright Spark program is an additional week that everyone who completes their pre-apprenticeship at NECA Education & Careers participates in at no extra cost, and that sees them completing a... MORE

From the NECA Workplace Relations Hotline

29th June 2018

With more than 200 calls a week from NECA members nationally to our Workplace Relations telephone advice service, our expert advisors cover the full range of day-to-day employment issues.

These questions were recently asked of our Workplace Relations phone advice team

Q  One of our employee’s has taken the day off to take his spouse to a medical... MORE

Which bloody RCD do I install…!?

29th June 2018

The use of an RCD – Residual Current Device is to provide Additional or Supplementary protection to electrical installations. It’s been around since the early nineties; so, this article is for those wanting to know which one to choose.

RCD’s have proven their worth in providing additional protection to the humble circuit breaker or fuse, especially for the protection... MORE

Saving for your first home? There's a new scheme in town

29th June 2018

To help more first home buyers get into the property market, the Government introduced a First Home Super Saver (FHSS) scheme.

The FHSS scheme allows you to make voluntary contributions (before or after tax) into your super, which you can then later withdraw for your first home deposit. You can contribute up to $15,000 per financial year, up to a total of $30,000.

The main... MORE


29th June 2018

about compromise but instead of ensuring the best safest outcome to protect the employees within the workplace. This being said gives rise to the Regulators within Victoria to ensure the duties are upheld in appropriate legal jurisdictions. A comparative study conducted by Safe Work Australia in 2017, assessed the attitudes towards risk taking and rule breaking in Australian workplaces.

... MORE

Low wages debate a smokescreen for unions failing workers

29th June 2018

Unions have been arguing loudly that a lack of worker bargaining power is to blame for low wages growth at a near record low of 2.1 per cent.  The unions tried initially to blame the economy.  But last year saw a record number of jobs created, so that argument holds no sway.

Greedy bosses the unions then argue are pocketing the proceeds falling from our increasingly globalised world,... MORE

From the Director, Paul Fearon (ESV)

29th June 2018

Following an investigation into several serious incidents involving CO poisoning from room heaters, ESV is alerting electricians to a danger they may inadvertently create.

When you install a rangehood or a kitchen, bathroom or toilet exhaust fan these may affect the operation of open flued gas room heaters in the home. If these fans are operated when the gas heater is on and all windows... MORE