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Tax Resources from ATO

31st May 2021

It’s important that everyone understands what they can and can’t claim at tax time and how to best prepare and lodge their returns, especially after a challenging year! This is why the ATO has prepared a range of resources to help anyone in the building and construction sector including construction workers, tradies, apprentices and office workers this tax time.  

Resources include:  ... MORE

May Circuit Breaker Lockdown FAQs

28th May 2021


Is traveling to NSW allowed?

Victoria border residents can cross to NSW provided its it for one of the 5 permitted reasons including getting vaccinated.


Is travel declaration still required?

You do not need to complete a declaration if:

  • you are a border region resident and
  • you stay within the border... MORE

UPDATE: Victoria border residents crossing NSW

28th May 2021

Victoria border residents can cross to NSW provided its it for one of the 5 permitted reasons:

  • To shop for food and other necessary goods and services
  • To access medical services like getting vaccinated or provide caregiving
  • To attend work or education (where remote work/learning is not an option)
  • For exercise
  • In an emergency or if required by law... MORE

Seven Days Circuit Break Lockdown

27th May 2021

Acting Premier James Merlino released a... MORE

Electrical Work Request (EWR)

26th May 2021

It was recently noted that some contractors and electricians have not been using the latest forms. A correctly completed Electrical Works Request form must be submitted to the relevant Retailer or Distribution Company prior to the connection work taking place for:

  • all new installations or occupancy connections
  • all alterations and additions to existing installations or... MORE

Automatic Mutual Recognition of Occupational Registrations Update

26th May 2021

The Australian Government’s Mutual Recognition Amendment Bill 2021 passed the parliament and will see a new system for Automatic Mutual Recognition (AMR) of occupational registration beginning on 01 July 2021.

Automatic mutual recognition of occupational licences will make it easier and faster for skilled workers to take up jobs across borders enabling licensed workers to operate across... MORE

Member Alert: NECA Victoria Budget 2020-21

25th May 2021

NECA is pleased to provide members with a snapshot of key measures contained in the Victorian state government’s 2020-21 budget delivered by the Treasurer, the Hon Tim Pallas MP, on 20 May 2021.

This document is a high-level guide only to initiatives of direct or indirect relevance and/or benefit to businesses in the electrical and communications contracting industry, and to employers,... MORE

Electricians to be referred to police for alleged attempt to defraud energy efficiency scheme

25th May 2021

An attempt to defraud Australia’s biggest energy efficiency certificate scheme will be referred to police by Victoria’s Essential Services Commission after  an eagle-eyed member of the public tipped off the commission that some electricians were faking photographic evidence to claim work was being done to replace inefficient lights in farm sheds in regional Victoria.

Commission chair,... MORE

Additional COVIDSafe Measures to Keep Victorians Safe

25th May 2021

As public health officials work to pinpoint the source of these latest cases, additional COVIDSafe measures will be put in place across Greater Melbourne to help keep Victorians safe.

On the advice of public health experts, from 6pm tonight private gatherings in the home will be limited to five visitors per day, public gatherings will be limited to 30 people and face masks will need to... MORE

New car, new tools, new investment on back of budget

13th May 2021

Electrician and business owner Dean Spicer. Picture: Aaron Francis

Electrician and business owner Dean Spicer. Picture: Aaron Francis

RECIPS Electrical... MORE