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Managing Workplace health and safety can be a challenge for every business. The potential risks in personal, business and financial terms are significant. There is a Duty of Care to ensure workplace health and safety risks are managed as reasonable practicable.

NECA has been assisting all their members with workplace health and safety to ensure they meet their obligations and ensure a systematic approach is used to manage workplace health and safety risks. NECA provides members with a range of workplace health and safety information, management systems, tools, training, expert advice and hands on assistance with implementation and mentoring.

NECA offers a range of products and services to support safety in your workplace:





Occupational Health & Safety Systems

NECA has consulted with industry members regarding the OHS Management Systems and information provided. The NECA workplace health and safety management system provides members with the latest documentation, updated safe work method statements and toolbox topics, and tools to ensure compliance to workplace health and safety legal obligations.

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