NECA's services are tailored to the unique needs of contractors working in the electrical and communications industry, and we provide benefits to members who utilise these services. 

We provide specialists in workplace relations, occupational health and safety, management, education and training, human resources and technology who are on-hand to offer advice on a range of topics and provide representation and support in industrial relations matters.

We offer a range of commercial and professional services that assist contractors in their day-to-day business operations - saving members time and money. We provide information, advice and practical tools to make business easier, safer and more profitable. Membership of NECA will ensure you have the necessary tools to save money, be informed about changes in the industry, take advantage of opportunities and meet your business goals.

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" Money well spent in my view, having all the standards on my phone through TKB (*Technical Knowledge Base) as well as the hotline to call if your stumped on an issue is mint!"

- Jordan Baker

" I found the saving on insurance more than made the membership fee worthwhile." "Public Liability I only got the quote through NECA but comprehensive motor was $1000 cheaper than I was paying and ctp was about $200 cheaper, and that turned out to be the same policy."

- Liam J. Gooley

" You get a free simPRO licence with a NECA membership, which is cheaper than paying for simPRO direct."

- David Kneebone

"100% reason I changed from M** to NECA. If you are new to the business, SimPro is great, I to keep yourself organised."

- Nathan Symons

"Legal support, fuel packages, phone packages, access to a larger network of people, fully tax deductible. It's a cheap $600 (*rate for a sole trader electrician)"

- Gavin Peterson

"Just the discount on buying a van will pay for 5+ years of membership." "With Hyndai and VW" "I already get a reasonable fleet discount but the NECA m'ship saved a further $1800."

- Alister Blunt

"NECA has a better knowledge base and free access to lawyers who work with our trade."

-James Ernst










Member Engagement & Business Development

Glen Lehner


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