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In Victoria (as in all other States and Territories) the Government has legislated to regulate who can undertake electrical installation work.  This is due to the inherent danger of electricity and the potentially fatal consequences when unskilled an unlicensed persons undertake electrical work.

Licensing & Registration

The Electricity Safety Act 1998 and regulations under the Act require that only registered electrical contractors can contract to the general public to undertake electrical installation work.  Similarly the legislation requires that electrical installation work can only be undertaken by licensed electricians.

Energy Safe Victoria (ESV) is the electrical safety and technical regulator for the electricity industry in Victoria and they can be contacted at or (03) 9207 9700.

It is illegal for an unlicensed person to undertake electrical installation work in Victoria.  Persons who do undertake such work can be prosecuted in the courts and subject to substantial financial penalties.  In addition, home owners with illegal wiring may find that they are not covered by the Home Building insurance policy in the event of a fire which can be traced to the illegal wiring as the cause of the fire.


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