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JobKeeper update – reporting and extention to enrolment Jobkeeper payment – extension of time to enrol until 31 May

As the effects of the COVID-19 situation continue to unfold with various implications to our society and economy, we will continue to keep a close eye on advice from the Federal & State Government, the World Health Organisation, and the Health Department to enact the appropriate response to the coronavirus.

Our Commitment to You

To our members, our ongoing commitment to providing you with the most appropriate, timely and considered assistance remains firm.

Our desire to partner with your business to achieve success is unchanged. Our dedication to growth and to making a positive contribution to the Electrical and Communications industry is even more prominent than ever before.



JobKeeper Payment Guide

JobKeeper Simplified Infographic

COVID-19 Employer Guide: Managing the Workplace in the face of the outbreak

Covid-19 Employee Guide

COVID-19 Employee Guide

Covid-19 Employee Guide

Guidelines for the Building and Construction Industry Victoria – Version 3 released on 20 April

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 Early Childhood Care Relief Package

2 April 2020
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 NECA Member COVID-19 Update

13 March 2020

 NECA Member COVID-19 Update

 NECA: Use crisis as an opportunity to support business in the long-term

11 March 2020

 INDUSTRY UPDATE: Cabling and electrical product supply chains are robust and it is business as usual