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19th November 2020

Victoria's $5.3 billion Big Housing Build

The Premier announced that the Victorian Government has put security and stability of housing at the forefront of its agenda, with $5.3 billion set aside for the building of 12,000 new homes across both the metro and regional areas of Victoria.

The Premier Daniel Andrews released a statement late Monday afternoon, which you can download. Highlights: 

  • 9,300 of these will be set aside for new social housing, including the replacement of 1,100 old public housing units.
  • Of these new homes, 2,000 will be for Victorians living with mental illness.
  • A further 2,900 will be set aside as low-cost affordable housing.
  • All of these new builds will meet 7-star energy efficiency standards, acting as a stark change to the typical conditions of low-cost social housing within Victoria.


Hundreds of new jobs will be created for women, Aboriginal Victorians, people with disability, social housing tenants and people from diverse backgrounds through social procurement targets.