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20th September 2021

Victorian Roadmap to Opening

Yesterday, Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews announced the ‘Roadmap’ for Victoria to come out of COVID-driven lockdown.
The plan is based on projections covering several months and is therefore complicated and subject to change.

The key point at this stage is that COVID zero is no longer possible.  The new focus is on vaccination. Widespread vaccination is the only way we can ‘open up’ with COVID in the community while minimising the risk to Victorians and, critically, not overloading our health system.  

Consequently, the 'roadmap' for easing restrictions is based chiefly on the level of vaccinations acheived by the targetted dates.  If the projected vaccination targets are not met by the dates, the easing of restrictions could be delayed.

In the short term, then, the focus for the government, and consequently our industry, is on meeting all speeding up the vaccine rollout, while maintaining existing COVID precautions, such as site workforce limits, masking and social distancing.
The immediate consequences for our industry can be boiled down to a few significant changes and a renewed focus on enforcing existing COVID-Safe workplace practices.

The most important new requirement for our industry is ensuring that everyone on your site(s) is vaccinated.
The second major change is that, from 18 September 2021, food and drink must not be consumed indoors on Victorian construction sites.
IN ADDITION, all existing workplace COVID-safe measures, including workforce limits,  shift bubbles and COVID Marshals now apply to ALL construction sites, regardless of size.


New Vaccination Rules

As we reported last week, by Friday 24 September, all construction workers in Victoria must be able to provide evidence that they have:
•    Received at least their first dose of a COVID-19 vaccine, or
•    Made an appointment to receive their first dose of vaccine by Saturday 2 October, or
•    An exemption confirmed by an authorised medical practitioner.
This applies to anyone attending a site, for whatever reason.
Priority vaccine appointments are available for construction workers. Click here for details.


COVID Marshals

COVID Marshals are now required on ALL construction sites, including small-scale construction sites.

On small-scale construction sites, the supervisor or the site manager can take on the role of COVID Marshal, but must abide by the same rules as for the dedicated COVID Marshals on larger sites, specifically:
•    COVID Marshals must complete basic infection control awareness training – this training is available on-line via the DHHS website under this link.
•    The COVID Marshal must be on the premises whenever workers are on-site.
•    The COVID Marshal is required to monitor compliance with COVID Safe Plans, including new, industry-specific obligations and provide direction and advice to workers on how they will comply to COVID Safe Plans.
•    COVID Marshals must wear clothing or an identifying badge that makes their role clear to co-workers.

We will provide more details on how the updated changes affect you as the roadmap progresses. In the meantime, the links below provide more detailed information of the projected changes over the next few months.


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Burnett Institute modelling that guided the development of the roadmap

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