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22nd April 2021

Victorian Residential Tenancy Regulations 2021

As of 29 March 2021, the new rental rules will create a fairer, safer system for all Victorians.

The Residential Tenancies Regulations 2021  include changes relating to additional requirements on information that must be disclosed by rental providers, around the required gas and electricity safety checks.

NECA has developed a checklist for members to use in relation to the new requirements in the Victorian Residential Tenancy Regulations, including the Certificate of Periodic Verification. This Certificate will be required to be provided to the Owner or Agent with any contract in place after 29 March 2021.

NECA’s Technical Knowledge Base (TKB) has this and over twenty Australian Standards for members to access as part of their membership. This includes the latest Standard referenced in the Victorian Residential Tenancy Regulations. (AS/NZS 3019:2007)

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