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13th September 2020

Victorian Permitted Worker Permits

Victorian workers permits will need to be reissued or updated over the next few weeks as the dates on them expire.

The workers’ permits that were issued before the Stage 4 lockdown restrictions in Melbourne were extended had specific dates printed on them.  The government has said that the permits:

“...need to be contemporary and represent who is working and the circumstances under which they are working so police have the clearest and easiest sense of who should be out and about, who can be out and about, after curfew.”

The latest information from the Worker Permit Scheme website is as follows:

  • If businesses have issued permits with future date ranges, they do not need to reissue permitted worker permits.

  • Businesses can edit and add to the dates on the permitted worker permits they have currently issued to workers if required.

  • A new childcare permit does not need to be issued for permitted workers (remote or onsite) who have childcare permits.

Download the new permit template, with adjustable dates.