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16th June 2016

Technical Knowledge Base (TKB) Now on your Mobile Smart Devices!

Did you know you can access Technical Knowledge Base (TKB) just like an App on your mobile smart devices?

Since the launch of TKB, we have received many positive feedbacks on the wealth of information that TKB  is providing. Specifically, the ease of being able to search the Wiring Rules, installation information, current SIRs, Energy Safe Victoria updates and technical information all from mobile smart devices.

The common questions we get is, will NECA be developing a TKB App in the future?

There are several reasons why TKB will remain as a cloud-based service for our members:

  • To continue to provide TKB as a free service to our members. 
  • The copyright and security restrictions on Australian Standards prevents us from publishing the Standards via an app. 
  • As new TKB content is constantly updated, it is not feasible to create new app versions for every new update. As the goal of TKB is to ensure our members have the latest information on their fingertips 24/7, by retaining TKB as a cloud-based service our members will not have to download an updated app every week.


Even though TKB is a cloud-based service, it is still accessible with one simple tap on your mobile smart devices. We’ve put together instructions on how to set up a TKB shortcut on your smart devices. This will enable you to access TKB in just ‘one tap’. Please click here (you must be logged into TKB first) to download the instructions.

Can’t remember your TKB login details? Don’t panic, just email us at

Also don't forget you can request additional user access (up to 10 accounts) for your company. Simply complete the Online Registration Form with names, email addresses and phone numbers of your chosen users.