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25th August 2021

Safety Alert: Falls Prevention Blitz

WorkSafe has now commenced a six week focused program on reducing the risk posed by working at heights in the industry.

WorkSafe are concerned that falls continue to be a critical risk and will be visiting worksites from now until 1st October across both metro Melbourne and regional Victoria.

What do the statistics say
• Over 39% of falls from a height injuries in the construction industry are from a ladder
• Falls from height is the leading cause of fatality in the construction industry

These statistics show that we all need to be collectively focused on controlling this critical risk.

With this in mind, WorkSafe inspectors will focus on higher order controls and importantly looking beyond the general observations of the inspector at any given job site.
Inspectors will be engaging with duty-holders (management) and reviewing their systems of work.

What you should be doing
• Adequately implementing your OH&S safety system such as NECA’s HSEQ Plus system will ensure that you are actively managing safety for your workers and meeting your legal obligations.

If you have any questions on OH&S matters in your workplace, please do not hesitate to contact the NECA safety team on 1300 300 031 or via email at