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11th June 2021

NECA welcomes getting our and electrical and communications contractors back to work in occupied premises after the lifting of restrictions

The National Electrical and Communications Association (NECA) welcomes the Victorian Government’s decision to allow contractors to begin household work once again, after clarification of the new rules announced on Wednesday, 9 June.

Small electrical and communication contracting businesses can return to households and businesses to perform regular installation and service works as of today, Friday the 11th of June.

Contractors have experienced a challenging period over the recent circuit breaker. There are thousands of small electrical and communication contractors across Victoria who have been doing the right thing, following the lockdown rules and paying their employees while unable to generate any income. At the same time, these businesses were not afforded any support from the Government under the recently announced packages. NECA urges the Government to review the eligibility criteria and provide further support for these small to medium businesses, which make up around 70% of our industry.

NECA will work with members, businesses and governing bodies to ensure all new COVIDSafe regulations are followed, including QR check-ins, to ensure workplaces remain safe to the highest standards.

For businesses that rely on small jobs in homes and other businesses, the implications of lockdowns don’t end when lockdowns end. Uncertainty around laws and ongoing customer hesitancy of having people in residences continues to be an issue of concern for NECA, especially with many remaining ineligible for government financial assistance.

Pawel Podolski, NECA Victoria Executive Director and spokesperson, said:

“It’s great for our members and electrical and communications contractors to be allowed back to work as this latest lockdown starts to lift.

“We’ll be working with all parties to ensure the excellent work our members have been doing to keep their workplaces COVIDSafe continues.

“Small trade businesses have been hurting throughout this pandemic with work slowing down or coming to a halt due to lockdown laws and continued general concern across the community about inviting tradespeople into people’s homes and businesses.

“Additional support should be afforded to these small businesses who are still paying employees and apprentices but have found their pipeline dried up

“The unfortunate truth is the lack of income for many won’t end when lockdowns end. Residents continue to be hesitant about having people in their home, regardless of the rules. Many small businesses will continue to feel the shockwaves of circuit breaker for much longer than the few weeks we’ve had.”

The National Electrical and Communications Association (NECA), the peak body for Australia’s electrical and communications contracting industry, which employs over 165,000 workers and turns over in excess of $23 billion annually. Victoria accounts for roughly 25% of the industry, with over 5,500 contractors engaging in essential work connecting homes, businesses and infrastructure

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