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NECA is offering interactive webinars to help you grow your business and get the most out of your NECA membership. 


Webinars will be held regularly. All sessions will be recorded and available for you to watch at a time that is convenient to you as long as you register (even if you can’t attend). 


Below is a summary of our upcoming webinars. Keep coming back to this page as it'll be updated regularly.  If there are topics that you would like us to cover in the future, please submit all requests to Akeera Dharmapala via email at   

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Planning on Retirement Jeff Grey & Steve Smith Wed, 25
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Introduction to Credit Risk and Credit Insurance Prudence Chang Tue, 7
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Electrical Systems Protection - Selecting the right device NHP Watch Now
CX Leaders of the Future Pawel Podolski Watch Now
7 Ways To Retain Your Best Tradespeople
& Avoid Them Being Poached
Jon Mailer Watch Now
The Future of Home Automation and Emerging Technologies Steve Sammartino & Nick Baker Watch Now
Regulations: How to Deal with OHS Regulators and OHS Inspectors Luisa Gonzaga & Peter Tsoubos Watch Now
How RECIPS Electrical Got Rid of Paperwork Dean Spicer & Dan Pollard Watch Now
How to turn your electrical business into a valuable and saleable asset Jon Mailer Watch Now
The ABCs of the SOP Act Carl Millington Watch Now
Importance of Psychological Safety: Can People speak openly at your workplace? Allan Rae Watch Now
Introduction to Contract Management for Subcontractors Darren Milne Watch Now
What does the Federal budget announcement mean for you and your super? Jeff Gray & David Lutley Watch Now

Lunch & Learn - All About Employment

Part 5: Ending Employment

Joy Meilak & Saraswathy Varatharajullu Watch Now

Lunch & Learn - All About Employment

Part 4: During Employment

Deborah Parisella & Stephanie Dann Watch Now

Lunch & Learn - All About Employment

Part 3: Onboarding

Deborah Parisella & Stephanie Dann Watch Now

Lunch & Learn - All About Employment

Part 2: Coverage

Deborah Parisella & Jessica Davidson Watch Now

Lunch & Learn - All About Employment

Part 1: Recruitment

Deborah Parisella & Jessica Davidson Watch Now
Tax Planning Tips: Setting Up your Business Right From the Start Boss Private Clients Watch Now
11 Ways to Improve your Labour Productivity in 90 Days Jon Mailer Coming Soon
7 Steps to Transition off the Tools in the Next 6-months Jon Mailer Watch Now
How to Take Control of your Cashflow Dan Pollard Watch Now
5 Ways to Quickly Improve your GrossProfit in 2020 Jon Mailer Watch Now
Introduction and Welcome   Pawel Podolski Watch Now
Security of Payment Janine Drennan Watch Now
Underpayment Claims Natalie Mill Watch Now
Casual Double Dipping and Casual Conversion Clauses Deborah Parisella Watch Now
3 Critical Steps to Set You Up for a Powerful 2021 Jon Mailer Watch Now
Sector Address from the Victorian Minister for Energy Environment and Climate Change 

Lily D'Ambrosio

Watch Now
How to Navigate your Team & Trades Business through Rapid Change Jon Mailer Watch Now
Seven Signals of Electrical Industry Employment in Victoria Michael Connoly Watch Now
Effective Management Solutions for Electrical Contractors Justin Gardner Watch Now
Momentum and Recovery for Victrorians Building and Construction Industry  Rebecca Casson Watch Now
Regaining Momentum Paul Farina Watch Now
What Do You Need to Know about Managing Cyber Risk  Ben Di Marco Watch Now
Acquire New Customers and Drive Revenue by Managing Your Online Reputation Taylor Cutler Watch Now
Internet of Things Philip Green Watch Now
How to get the best out of Digital Marketing John Blore Watch Now
Are you ready for a Cyber Attack? Benjamin Di Marco Watch Now
How to Systemise your Business to Provide
Consistency & Freedom
Protrade Watch Now
Tax Essentials Stefan Angelini & Sean Gavin Watch Now
How to Thrive, Not Just Survive During These Uncertain Times Jon Mailer Watch Now
Processes 101: Understanding how well your current processes are performing Stephen Gretch Watch Now
Processes 102: How does your current processes impact your customers? Stephen Gretch Watch Now
Processes 103: How much money does poor processes cost the business Stephen Gretch Watch Now
Processes 201: Solving Problems to Improve Productivity Stephen Gretch Watch Now
Processes 202: Collecting and Implementing Ideas to Improve Processes and Reduce Costs Stephen Gretch Watch Now
Processes 203: Develop Clear, Standard and Documented Standard Operating Procedures Stephen Gretch Watch Now
Processes 301: How to Create an Organisational Approach to Continuous Improvement Stephen Gretch Watch Now
Processes 302: Developing Staff's Ability to Continuously Improve the Way They Work Stephen Gretch Watch Now
Processes 303: Train Your Staff to Identify Wasteful Activities Stephen Gretch Watch Now
5C's of Crisis Response Ashton Bishop View Slides
NECA at the Forefront of the Australian Economnic Rebuild Post Covid-19 Sumit Oberoi Watch Now




Mental Health and Wellbeing Jenelle Connors Watch Now
Mental Health & Wellbeing Support with NECA Jenelle Connors Watch Now



Silica in the Workplace Peter Tsoubos Watch Now
Industrial Manslaughter Peter Tsoubos Watch Now



New AS/NZS 5033:2021 Standard - Installation Requirements Louis Knoops Watch Now
Solar Installation and Compliance  Michael Weeks, Louis Knoops, Sandy Atkins, Paul Corkhill & Stuart McIntosh Watch Now
Getting to Know the AS/NZS 61439 Series of Standards NECA Watch Now
RCCB, RCBO's - Types and Installation Considirations Jeff Davis Watch Now
Amendment 2 of the Wiring Rules Gary Busbridge Watch Now
A Regulator's Perspective On Industry Compliance Michael Muskulin Watch Now
Wiring Systems for Safety Services to Comply with ASZS30002018 ASNZ3013 Michael Weeks Watch Now
Selectivity Circuit Breakers and the Effects of Cables Jeff Davis Watch Now
Emergency Lighting Mahmoud Kebbi Watch Now
Technical Update: New Legislation, Construction Sites & Wiring Rules Michael Weekes Watch Now
Solar Homes Program Update (11/20) Paul Corkill Watch Now
Solar Earthing Requirements and Installation Safety Louis Knoops & Glen Lehner Watch Now
Technical Update - Solar Design & Wiring Rules Discussion Michael Weekes & Louis Knoops Watch Now


IoT & EV

The Industrial Internet of Things - Automation Solutions for Electrical Contractors Stephen Clarke Watch Now
Home Automation Explained Nick Baker Watch Now
Make Your Residential IoT Project a Success Guillaume Gimaret Watch Now
Energy Management for EV Charging Stations Tim Washington Watch Now



2020 Snapshot of Workplace Relations Saraswathy Varatharajullu Watch Now
Security of Payment Act: How It Affects You Alex McKellar Watch Now
Annualised Salary and Casual "double dipping" Saras Vara & Natalie Mill Watch Now



COVID Vaccinations in the Workplace NECA Watch Now
Job Keeper 2.0 ESV Watch Now
Investing in a post-COVID world Stefan Angelini Watch Now
COVID-19 Impact on Employment and Redundancies Michael Connolly Watch Now
COVID-19 Impact on our Industry Pawel Podolski Watch Now
COVID-19 and Monitoring Your Mental Well-being and Wellness Stephanie Dann Watch Now
COVID-19 & Insurance NECAGuard Watch Now

COVID-19 Q&A with OHS & Workplace Relations Advisor

Correction: The question was how long Coronavirus lives on surfaces around the 7:57 minute mark. At the slip of the tongue it was stated 1 to 3 hours. It should be 1 to 3 days. 

Natalie Mill & Peter Tsoubos Watch Now
COVID-19 Cash is King - Part 1 Sebastian Caruso Watch Now
COVID-19 Cash is King Part 2  Sebastian Caruso Watch Now
COVID-19 Cash is King Part 3 Sebastian Caruso Watch Now
COVID-19 Cash is King Live Q&A

Further Clarification on JobKeeper Payments & Superannuation visit:
Sebastian Caruso & Natalie Mill Watch Now
COVID-19 & Insurance Q&A Leigh Frost & Alex Joosten Watch Now
COVID-19 JobKeeper Payment - Your Questions Answered Pawel Podolski Watch Now
COVID-19  Live Q&A - Industry Trends, Advocacy, Business Advice, Workplace Relations & More Pawel Podolski, Jon Mailer & Natalie Mill Watch Now
COVID-19  & Superannuation Laura Fleischer Watch Now



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