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NECA is offering interactive webinars to help you grow your business and get the most out of your NECA membership. 


Webinars will be held every Wednesday at 11am. We understand that this time may not suit you so all sessions will be recorded and available for you to watch at a time that is convenient to you as long as you register (even if you can’t attend). 


Below is a summary of our upcoming webinars. Keep coming back to this page as it'll be updated regularly.  If there are topics that you would like us to cover in the future, please submit all requests to Akeera Dharmapala via email at   




Processes 101: Understanding how well your current processes are performing 

Presenter: Stephen Grech, Director, Doing Business Better

Everything we do is a process. You have processes to handle and record enquiries, schedule a job, produce a quote, order materials, replenish shelves and supplies in a vehicles, complete a job, produce SWMS, create and submit a timesheet and an invoice, plus many more. 

What we don’t always do is realise that many of the steps we take to do these processes. What is worst, we don’t often realise how much time activity we perform is actually wasting our time. Activity you or your staff perform that is not adding value, not directly linked to making you money is therefore by default a cost to the business. You can change this!

During this webinar, you will 
  • learn that not everything you do is adding value. 
  • understand different types of measurements used to drive business performance improvement
  • learn how to develop business performance measures to provide valueable insights into areas for productivity and efficiency imporvements
  • and more....




Processes 102: How does current process impact your customers?

Presenter: Stephen Grech, Director, Doing Business Better

A poor process or a poor experience by anyone during a process can have a significant impact on repeat business, a referral or satisfaction, and willingness to pay on time.


Learn to see your businesses performance through the eyes of the customers. It is important to understand the impact your business is having on meeting customer requirements. This is a measure you should be recording and tracking. 


During this webinar, you will 
  • learn to look at the performance of your processes through the eyes of the customer
  • learn how to use tools to determine the Voice of the Customer and what are Critical Customer Requirements
  • use techniques to better understand customer expectations
  • and much more





Processes 103: How much money does poor process cost the business? 

Presenter: Stephen Grech, Director, Doing Business Better


Things don’t always go smoothly and there is a significant amount of double handling, delays, re-working, chasing information or people to do certain things, rescheduling appointments and emailing or calling to find out where the job is at. All this work I have just described is wasting time and adding cost but not adding any value. 
During this webinar, you will 
  • learn how to map business processes
  • learn how to identify opportunities to improve productivity, become more efficient and improve process flow
  • learn to estimate how much time and effort is currently wasted and is leaking profits from the business




2020 Excellence Awards - Tips & Hints to help you submit a project

Date: 26 Feb 2020

Presenter: Shandelle De Vincentis, NECA Events Coordinator

Get the recognition your company deserves for its’ outstanding work by nominating your company projects with the Excellence Awards.
Nominations for the 2020 NECA Excellence Awards is now open. The Excellence Awards aims to congratulate and acknowledge the outstanding professionalism, commitment and innovation within our industry. The best projects will be shown to over 800 Electrical contractors, Government officials, Manufacturers, Suppliers & special guests.
Join Shandelle as she reviews the Excellence Awards criteria to help you submit a winning project.




Solving process and customer problems 

Date: 4 March 2020

Presenter: Stephen Grech, Director, Doing Business Better

This session is about learning two problem solving techniques you can use to generate ideas to improve productivity, processes and engage staff in making work easier and better every day.
During this webinar, you will
  • learn how to reduce or eliminate process problems that will help save the business money, time and reputation
  • learn problem solving techniques to fix process problems on a regular basis and improve customer experience, time spent completing a job and save time!





Collecting and implementing idea to improve process and reduce costs

Date: 11 March 2020

Presenter: Stephen Grech, Director, Doing Business Better

Imagine how much time everyone would have if they were not delayed or interrupted, and don't have to waste time fixing or re-working parts of a job? How can you easily engage staff to generate ideas for productivity and efficiency.
During this webinar, you will
  • learn ways to get staff involved in discussing and reviewing ideas for improvement
  • learn ways to engage ideas for improvement and create buy-in from staff to want to do more to improve




Develop clear, standard and documented Standard Operating Procedures

Date: 18 March 2020

Presenter: Stephen Grech, Director, Doing Business Better

Standard operating procedures are documented processes a company has in place to ensure goods or services are produced or delivered consistently every time. A good standard operating procedure would also be specific and descriptive about the quality or standard required to be performed or delivered every time.
During this webinar, you will
  • learn the key steps needed to create a Standard Operating Procedure 
  • Learn how you can get value from having Standard Operating Procedures
  • and more





Top 5 Benefits of being a NECA Member

Date: 25 March 2020

Presenter: Glen Lehner, NECA Member Service Manager

Glen will show you how you can get the most out of your NECA membership. Glen will discuss NECA’s core services including Workplace Relations, Technical and Safety. He will outline the details of the most member deals such as 3 cents of fuel with BP, fleet discounts, savings with Telstra, BP and more..





Creating a whole organisation approach to continuous improvement? 

Date: 1 April 2020

Presenter: Stephen Grech, Director, Doing Business Better

Too often businesses try something new but they fail to get the full benefits of a initiative to improve business performance because they did not understand what it takes to make change stick, they didn't think it through and have a sound approach or they fail to tick off all the building blocks to implement and sustain change.
There are a number of key areas to consider when developing a Strategic Plan to implement an organisation approach to continuous improvement. 
During this webinar, you will
  1. learn how to reduce operational cost and increase profitability
  2. learn how to improve business competitiveness and customer experience
  3. learn how to create a more effective team, improve communication, morale and productivity





Developing staff's ability to continuously improve the way they work 

Date: 8 April 2020

Presenter: Stephen Grech, Director, Doing Business Better


We now know that there is a lot of wasted time and effort happening in everyday processes. A significant amount of wasted man hours are avoidable. Poor or lack of a process leads to poof business performance and less than optimal results. By changing the process or having a process for staff to follow, the business will save time everyday. 
During this webinar, you will
  • learn how to develop a plan to build all of your staff's ability to continuously improve the way they work
  • learn how to empower staff to be able to improve the way they work
  • learn how to build staff skills and competencies in continuous improvement 





Train your staff to identify wasteful activities 

Date: 15 April 2020

Presenter: Stephen Grech, Director, Doing Business Better

There are eight core activities that create costs but no value for the business. It is important that all staff learn how to recognise each of these activities that are costing the business money but not creating value from the customer's perspective. The best way of doing this is to teach staff how to recognise wasteful activity. 
During this webinar, you will
  • learn a number of small quick wins which you can use to save time, money, improve quality and customer experience
  • learn benefits of setting up a problem solving board to engage staff
  • learn how to solve process problems 
  • and more






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