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30th August 2021

NECA Member Survey Results: COVID-19 Vaccinations in the Workplace

We've all heard our Chief Health officers say on numerous occasions that a less restrictive future is based on more people getting vaccinated for COVID-19. NECA sent out a survey last week to better understand our member’s position on vaccinations. 

We’d like to thank the overwhelming numbers of members who participated and for their prompt response. Results for our industry are quite balanced, with 51% our participants saying they support mandatory vaccination, with 49% erring on the side of individual choice or unsure about mandating. 

Voices were equally split around whether private operators (such as clients) should mandate COVID19 vaccinations on site, with 55% supportive of this, and 45% either categorically against or unsure.

52% of respondents believed that the construction industry should be a part of the Federal Governments industry program to facilitate on-site delivery of vaccinations. 

Of the employers taking part in the survey, 84% offered time-off work for their employees to go get vaccinated, whilst only 9% offer monetary incentives and 7% offer time in lieu. 

In a significantly more decisive fashion, 67% of members who took part in the survey were in support of this statement “NECA supports voluntary vaccination but encourages all those that are eligible to get vaccinated to do so, so we can get back to normal. That said, NECA acknowledges that in some instances employers may require all or part of their workforce to be vaccinated based on risk assessment, and likewise Governments may force mandatory requirements of vaccinations for public health purposes.

48% of respondents were made up of businesses less than 5 Employees, 31% had 6 – 20 Employees, and 21% had more than 20+ employees.

You can view NECA’s statement on COVID-19 Vaccinations here.

Employer Guide to Vaccinations in the Workplace

To assist with the complexities surrounding the roll out of the vaccinations, NECA Victoria has partnered with the Australian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) to bring the electrotechnology industry a comprehensive employer guide to assist during this ever-changing landscape. 

The guide aims to help you understand how to best communicate with your staff, what your obligations are when it comes to vaccinations for your staff based on employment law and work health and safety regulation, as well as answers some of the more common questions you may have around the vaccine and its impact on your employees and the workplace. 

You can download a free copy here.