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22nd September 2021

NECA Advocacy: Construction Shutdown

NECA response to Victorian construction shutdown: Released 21 September

The Victorian Government’s decision to shut down construction, including the electrical and communication industry, is unfortunate and disappointing for most workers and businesses that were operating safely.

It highlights the importance of government working with employer and employee industry bodies to devise less drastic solutions. NECA strongly condemns the violent actions of rogue protesters at CMFEU offices on Monday; however, these protestors do not represent our industry or its workforce.

NECA’s Victorian team will be working tirelessly with government and many other stakeholders to ensure the industry is consulted on the industry’s reopening plan, to balance the required positive health outcomes with business realities for our sector.

With many small to medium subcontracting businesses already severely impacted by shutdowns over several months, and limited funding support only offered to the Electrical and Communication industry very recently, many businesses are extremely frail.

While its focus needs to remain on ensuring the most expedient path to reopening, the Victorian Government must also ensure this lockdown is supported with adequate relief to allow weakened businesses to absorb the financial shock of this decision without looking down the barrel of insolvency.

Download a pdf of the media release