Licensed Electrical Inspector Onsite Training & Mentoring Program

The Program

NECA Victoria is delighted to partner with Solar Victoria to deliver a new onsite training and mentoring pilot program for Licensed Electrical Inspectors (LEI).

The purpose of this program is to educate and support LEI’s in developing new skillsets, It is suited to both new and existing inspectors who wish to upskill and advance their knowledgebase within the renewable sector. 

The pilot will see 35 Licensed Electrical Inspectors working on the solar homes program, conduct their inspections with NECA Victoria’s Technical Managers who are Licensed Electrical Inspectors themselves, have vast experience, reputation, skills and knowledge in the solar and renewable space, and the ability to share this experience with other electrical inspectors. This solar home program mentoring is subsidised by Solar Victoria. We expect the uptake of this to be heavily over-subscribed, so get in quick.

Other fields of mentoring for electrical inspectors is also available on a fee for service basis, so please contact the Technical Team at to discuss.

Ensuring inspectors have the knowledge and skills they need to work in the renewable space will increase the number of inspectors available to sign-off on solar installations, shortening wait times and ensuring the highest levels of safety are maintained.

The pilot program has now commenced and will run for the next three to six months with the view to expand based on the feedback. There are only 35 spots available during the pilot, and with that in mind, we encourage all LEI’s to seriously consider taking up this program.

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Meet your mentors


Louis Knoops 

Louis Knoops is s a licensed electrician, electrical inspector and holds CEC accreditation in solar grid connect. He has over 35 years’ experience in the electrical industry, working as an electrical contractor and performing many different forms of electrical work. Louis has installed hundreds of PV systems. Since completing his inspector’s licence, he has been involved in inspecting many small to large PV systems. He has also been involved in special audits requested by Energy Safe Victoria. Louis also holds Cert IV in Training and Assessment. He is a firm believer of educating and helping others achieve the success they deserve.


Michael Weekes

Michael Weekes has over 30 years’ experience in the electrical industry; he served at Energy Safe Victoria for 12 years before joining the NECA team in 2019. Michael holds General, Medical and High Voltage classes in electrical inspection. 
A previous member of NECA while running a contracting business, he understands the complexities of dealing with business requirements.


LEI Onsite Training & Mentoring Program FAQs

Q: What happens after I submit the expression of interest?
A: A NECA Mentor will contact you to arrange a suitable session time

Q: Why should I consider mentoring?
A: Mentoring is a great way to develop skills in your job role. Having discussions and training from industry-experienced persons in specific technical aspects not only strengthens your knowledge but gives you the confidence in doing your job without worrying about shortfalls or specifics in your job role. Nobody knows everything. Having likeminded individuals willing to guide you through the job is a great asset to personal development. This also creates the opportunity of networking and encourages you to not go out on your own without the support you require.

Q: What happens if I am selected?
A: You will receive a call to discuss further, and we will guide you through the process of having a session with one of our mentors.

Q: What happens if I do not get accepted into the pilot program?
A: If the pilot program is successful, you will be contacted to arrange a session with one of our mentors in the future.

Q: I’m interested in being mentored in other areas, just not renewables – is this for me?
A: Yes, NECA has opportunities for mentoring in numerous areas. Contact the Technical team on 1300 300 031.

Q: I’m not a NECA Member; can I still participate?
A: Yes, this is open to all Electrical Inspectors willing to participate.

Q: I’d like to hear more about joining NECA as an Inspector. Where do I find more information?
A: Contact NECA on 1300 300 031 or via email at 

Q: I have more questions about this program, how do I contact you?
A : Contact NECA on 1300 300 031 or via email at

Q: Do I get recognition or a certificate of participation in the session?
A: Yes, we will send out a certificate of completion via email.

Q: What areas in Victoria are covered by the pilot program?
A: Due to uncertainty around COVID restrictions, we may face some limitations on availability in certain locations during the pilot program; however, we encourage all interested LEI’s to submit expression of interest.

 Q: Are there any additional costs to participate in the pilot program?
The pilot program does have some minor cost for the LEI to participate; this is just a few hundred dollars, as the program is heavily subsidised by Solar Victoria.

Q: Do I receive information or learning materials? 
A: Yes, you will receive inspector learning material during the site visit from your mentor. 

Q. What if I’m not an inspector yet but am in training toward this qualification?
A. Please contact NECA to discuss our training support opportunities as we can support you through your journey.

Q. Can I become a NECA Mentor?
A. Please contact NECA to discuss our training support opportunities, including becoming a NECA Mentor

Technical Services
Michael Weekes
P: 1300 300 031