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2nd July 2020

Latest Restrictions: How do they affect you?

As you know, Victoria has seen an unwelcome rise in Coronavirus infection cases in the last few days.  To combat this, the Victorian Premier announced today that Stage 3 Restrictions would return in the affected suburbs until July 29. 

In his statement, the Premier said:

‘From 11:59pm tomorrow night, postcodes linked to these outbreaks will go into local lockdown. For now, that includes the following: 3038, 3064, 3047, 3060, 3012, 3032, 3055, 3042, 3021, 3046.  

These “hot zones” will be required to return to Stage 3 Stay at Home restrictions – until at least 29 July. If you live in these locations, there will again only be four reasons to be out: shopping for food and supplies, care and caregiving, exercise, and study or work – if you can’t do it from home.’

As was the case in the early days of the pandemic, electrical work is permissible in accordance with all health and safety regulations, even in the affected postcodes.   

But now, more than ever, it’s vital to maintain the highest standards of safety for yourself, your employees and your customers.  Maintain distancing, be particular about hygiene and consider if you need PPE (such as masks) if you are working in the affected areas. Download the latest safet guidelines (V4).

So, in short, you can keep working, even in the restricted postcodes, but do so carefully.  The sooner we get this under control, the sooner we can go back to re-opening.

Download the Premier’s full statement, including a list of the suburbs (as well as postcodes) affected.