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6th March 2017

IR Update (3/3/17) - NECA responds to Building Unions IR scare campaign

NECA responds to Building Unions IR scare campaign

Stopworks, the real threat to job security
Building unions are actively attempting to drum up support across Victorian worksites for their rally against the Turnbull Government, scheduled for Thursday the 9th March.
The unions have launched a dishonest print, social media and on-the-ground campaign linking the recent FWC penalty rates decision affecting the retail and hospitality sectors, arguing falsely that construction industry penalties are being targeted, and their opposition to the ABCC and the application of rule of law on building sites. NECA today squarely addresses the lies and misinformation.
NECA responds to building unions IR scare campaign video
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Ensure your workers are fully and accurately informed before they make any decision to support the union rally next Thursday and forfeit wages.
Should you have any queries, contact our Workplace Relations team on 1 300 NECA IR.