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26th March 2020

Guidelines for the Building and Construction Industry Victoria


A working group consisting of NECA, ETU and other Unions and Industry Associations directly involved in the Building and Construction Industry, with the support of the Victorian State Government, has prepared a set of guidelines to help protect the industry and the wider community. These guidelines should be adhered to immediately and followed dutifully by all employers and employees. 

There are huge efforts being made nationally and across Victoria regarding the containment of COVID-19. The working group have declared their commitment to responding in a way that supports this containment as well as minimising long and short-term economic and community implications for the industry, and in particular workforce management.

The working group has agreed that no site or workforce should be shut down or employees sent home for COVID-19 related reasons, unless instructed by Victoria's Chief Health Officer or their Representative, or by Worksafe or by agreement between the employer and the union. If a shutdown occurs, it is unclear how long the shut-down will last. In the event of such a decision, the following guidelines include measures and steps to assist the employees .

These guidelines are to be read to cover all personnel attending on a building site or project, whether management, staff, employees, contractors or service providers, as applicable.

Download a copy of the guidelines. 

These guidelines are applicable as at 25 March 2020, noting that it is likely that further Government announcements regarding COVID-19 may result in changes.
These guidelines will be updated as required. Note also that the Building and Construction Industry has not been included as a “non-essential business or undertaking” pursuant to the Closure Direction issued by the State Government of 23 March 2020