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1st October 2021

Gear up for reopening on Tuesday

Great news! Restrictions on the Victorian construction industry will ease from 11.59pm on Monday, 4 October.

To stay open, though the industry will need to comply with several new regulations.  In order to make this process as easy as possible, an online portal will soon be available on the Service Victoria website so these documents are accessible for both the operator and compliance teams. 

In the meantime, use the time between now and the 5th to check the following:

Update your COVID-safe plan

The official COVID-safe plan template has been updated.  Make sure you update your site COVID-safe plan in line with the new template before re-opening.

Permits and COVID Marshals still required

In order to work onsite, all workers will need to continue to carry an Authorised Worker Permit. Every construction site in Victoria must also have a designated fully trained COVID Marshal to ensure compliance with the Chief Health Officer‘s directions.

Vaccination requirements

In order to work onsite, all workers will need to have had at least one vaccine dose.  All construction sites must have sighted evidence that each worker has received their first dose of COVID-19 vaccine or evidence of a medical exception. (Please note the conditions for medical exemption are rare and strict.)

Prior to reopening, operators will be required to attest that they have implemented the CHO directions and every site will need to have an up to date vaccination register available for compliance checks at all times.

Prior to re-opening, workers who have had one dose can enter a construction site to undertake crib facility improvement activities, receive deliveries to prepare for work recommencing, or to undertake re-induction.

Numbers allowed on site, travel and other rules

The reopening plan is great news but the restrictions on operation are greater than before shutdown.  You will need to consider crib facilities, number of workers allowed on site, travel restrictions, between sites and between metro and regional Victoria, vaccination status of visitors to site (as well as workers) and more.  To get more details:

Download the new Construction Industry Roadmap

Download the full Press Release

Download the new COVID-safe plan template

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