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4th August 2021

ETU Enterprise Agreement (EA) template 2021-2025 officially signed

NECA is pleased to announce that this morning, after lengthy negotiations, the ETU Enterprise Agreement (EA) template for the period 2021-2025 was signed off by the ETU industry bargaining representatives and NECA Victoria on behalf of NECA Members.


This is a historic moment with both sides of the negotiations working pragmatically in the current challenging environment to deliver an outcome significantly better for our industry than has been achieved by others in the broader construction industry.  The negotiated EA template also cleans up many legacy issues and areas of confusion, which can be accessed by NECA Members, as a benefit of membership.

NECA has made a significant financial and resourcing investment to ensure members received the best outcome possible in the EA template negotiations.


As part of your NECA membership, the following free services form part of your member benefits, if you choose to tap into the negotiated ETU EA template:

  • Extensive consultation with members and broader industry stakeholders, including research, statistical and economic analysis; culminating in a briefing paper prepared for members prior to the negotiation process
  • Negotiation strategy determination and preparation over the last several month
  • Negotiation support to the industry bargaining representatives
  • Extensive EA template legal drafting and consultation with ETU lawyers through NECA’s own legal team and external legal support
  • Provision of the Summary of Changes to the ETU EA template
  • Submission of template agreement  for preliminary approval to ABCC for code compliance and any necessary adjustments and consultations arising out of the assessment.

On Thursday 5 August 2021, NECA Victoria will be lodging the EA template with the ABCC, seeking an expedited preliminary assessment for Code compliance.


NECA therefore urgently requests those NECA members who are impacted by the EA template, to contact the Workplace Relations team who will guide you through the significant gains made on behalf of the membership and how your company can be part of the process going forward.


Further, if there are any members who deal directly with the Water Industry, you are encouraged to also urgently contact the NECA team, as the ETU is both open and very keen to work with our NECA Victoria legal arm, to tailor the ETU EA to the specific requirements of those working in this space.


NECA Victoria's Workplace Relations team can be contacted on 1300 300 031  or via email at