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4th November 2021

Current COVID-safe rules for Construction

Rules for workers

  • All Construction workers are required to be fully vaccinated by the following dates:

    • All workers ENTERING A CONSTRUCTION SITE must have had their second dose of a COVID-19 vaccine by November 13, 2021

    • Workers operating ONLY OUTSIDE, such as for repair and maintenance and solar installations, must have had their second dose by November 26, 2021.

  • Office workers should still work from home if possible, but can attend if necessary. Office workers are also required to be fully vaccinated (by November 13, 2021).

  • From Friday 29 October 2021 at 6pm, Victorians who are exempt from the COVID-19 vaccination will a certificate from the Australian Immunisation Register to prove their exemption. These can be accessed through myGov in the same way as the vaccination certificates.

  • Masks are STILL REQUIRED INDOORS.  They are not required outdoors IF PHYSICAL DISTANCING CAN BE MAINTAINED. If the outdoor area is crowded, masks should be worn.


Site rules

  • Sites can operate with full workforces, subject to density requirements (maximum of 10 at occupied residences)

  • Work can go ahead on domestic sites, including occupied residential properties, with the following limits:

    • A maximum of 10 workers per house, per day (assuming there are no other visitors)

    • Workers must be fully vaccinated and masks must be worn

    • Indoor work areas should be well ventilated and preferably separate from the residents

  • Worker permits are no longer required

  • Workers can travel between Metro Melbourne and Regional Victoria

  • Employers should continue to limit workers’ movement between sites wherever practical

  • Clients are allowed to visit sites for inspection. Vaccination is not mandatory for clients, but masks are.

  • All sites must have an up-to-date COVID-safe plan which applies the six principles of COVID-safe workplaces

  • Compliance with best-practice standards for crib rooms is no longer required, but is reccommended.

  • COVID Marshals (who have completed the official training) are required for all construction sites and are responsible for monitoring the worksite’s compliance with its COVID-safe Plan.

  • For small-scale construction sites, a Site Supervisor that manages multiple sites can be the appointed COVID Marshal.



Victorian Government Authorised Officers will be conducting inspections to check that construction sites comply with the Chief Health Officer's Directions and have the power to issue fines or shut sites down if they are not compliant.


Download the official government summary of workplace COVID guidelines as at 30 Oct 2021