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19th August 2021

Construction Site Definitions

What is considered a large-scale construction site?

A construction site is considered large scale if it is:
  • permitted (as per the planning permit) to be (at completion) more than three storeys high (excluding basement), or

  • larger than 1,500m2 floor size (inclusive of all floors) or

  • for office use or for the internal fit out or retail premises, or

Each large-scale construction site will:
  • be limited to a daily maximum of workers on site calculated as the higher of:
    • 25 per cent based on the average daily number of workers on site across the project lifecycle, as derived from the project’s resourcing plan as at 16 August 2021; or

    • five workers.

    • Only one shift a day can be run on large building sites. This limitation does not apply to Specialists who provide safety services – our inspectors on sites which must be inspected.

    • Maximum sites visited for those travelling between sites is 3 different sites per week

  • Covid safe plans in place and QR check-in

What is considered to be a small-scale construction site?

A small-scale construction site is a construction site that does not meet the definition of a large scale construction site
Each small-scale construction site will:
  • Limits imposed on small (and unoccupied) sites to 5 people + Supervisor at any one time

  • Maximum sites visited for those travelling between sites is 3 different sites per week

  • Tradespeople and builders cannot visit homes for renovations but can provide repairs, maintenance, home installations and other building works if able to perform the work solo (unless additional workers are required for safety reasons) and only outdoors.

  • The ‘outdoor’ work space must be entirely separated from the occupied part of the house, so that workers and residents cannot access the same space (e.g., workers must not be able to enter the occupied areas of the house, even when residents are not present). This could be useful to our solar installers, subject to the conditions being fully met.

  • An apartment is regarded as unoccupied only when all apartments in that building are empty. If any apartments have residents, all apartments in the building are considered to be occupied.

  • covid safe plans in place and QR check-in

Is external work at a domestic premises classified as authorised work?

Services that operate solely outdoors where physical distancing can be maintained at all times. Solo work only unless additional workers are required for safety reasons:

  • Outdoor maintenance, repairs, and cleaning, including at occupied premises.

  • Home installations (outdoor only)

  • Home solar panel installations (only for outdoor work or in roof cavities with external access


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