Testimonials | NECA


“It is a great honour to be recognised by our industry in this way. We are a small company but have a very committed and talented team that is willing to take on some great challenges. The enthusiasm and professionalism demonstrated in completing this project is a credit to each team member and they deserve to proud of their achievements under difficult circumstances.” 
Luke Thomson, Power & Drive Solutions
Small Contracting Business Award Winner 2009


“Thank you so much for all your help and support and patience for encouraging me to complete the entry for the awards. We were totally blown away to receive the award we did. We were happy at just making the finals and getting to go to the ceremony, let alone receiving such a great award! We had lots of congrats from our peers, and the new owners (of the business) have now opened talks with some of them on collaborating on future large projects. I would encourage any company to enter for the awards as the experience gained is fantastic and I wouldn't be scared away from the work involved (as we were on numerous years before), as we thought our work wasn't good enough.”
Mike Atkinson, The Butler Did It
Small Contracting Award Winner 2008