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28th October 2021

Call for Nominations to Represent NECA on Standards Australia Committees

NECA represents its members on over 40 Standards Australia committees. 28 of these are actively working on amendments to current editions and/or new editions. These Standards include the Wiring Rules, High Voltage, all solar standards, hazardous areas, cabling, communication standards and many more. There are also a number of vacancies on committees that require filling.

The expected commitment is determined by Standards Australia and the committee you represent. NECA expects committee members to represent the NECA membership’s broader interests whilst utilising their own expertise to help draft new and revised Standards. Meetings can be held virtually or in person across Australia and New Zealand and frequency will depend on the complexity and timing of the standards lifecycle. 

There are two primary reasons for reaching out to our members: 

  • To fill the nine vacant seats on Standards committees
  • Establish a list of members interested in joining any other committees in the future. 

To do this we are asking you to nominate your interest to join now. We will review all nominations to ensure we can best cover all committees. 

Current Vacancies and Committees
Below is a list of all Standards committees with current vacancies that NECA represents. We are seeking nominations to fill these vacancies.

Vacant Committees

  • BD-058 Thermal Insulation
  • EL-007 Power Switchgear
  • EL-057 Boating and Boating Marinas Installations
  • EL-025 Control of Undesirable Static Charges
  • EL-006 Industrial Switchgear and Control Gear
  • MS-011 Classification of Hazardous Areas due to Explosive Atmospheres
  • EL-011 Electricity Metering Equipment
  • EL-050 Power System Control and Communication
  • SD-048 Sharing of Committee Drafts for WS-032 (Draft AS/NZS 6400)


Other committees that NECA members represent us on are detailed below. We are also keen to build a list of interested members to replace existing committee members as they move on.

Other Committees

  • FP-001 Maintenance of Fire Protection Equipment
  • LG-007 Emergency Lighting In Buildings
  • FP-002 Fire Detection, Warning, Control and Intercom Systems
  • CT-001 Interconnection of Information Technology Equipment
  • EL-068 Live Working
  • EL-036 In-service Testing of Electrical Equipment
  • EL-005 Secondary Batteries
  • EL-043 High Voltage Installations
  • EL-004 Electrical Accessories
  • EL-039 Electrical Safety - Film and Television Sites
  • EL-067 Low Voltage Auxiliary Power Systems for Electric Power Plants and Substations
  • EL-062 Smart Energy
  • EL-064 Decentralised Electrical Energy and Grid Integration of Renewable Energy Systems
  • EL-052 Electrical Energy Networks, Construction and Operation
  • EL-003 Electric Cables and Wires
  • EL-001 Wiring Rules (4 seats)
  • EL-042 Renewable Energy Power Supply Systems and Equipment
  • EL-024 Protection Against Lightning
  • EL-006 Industrial Switchgear and Control Gear
  • EL-001-10 Cables and Current Ratings Subcommittee
  • SD-049 Sharing of Committee Drafts for EL-039 (AS/NZS 4249)
  • SD-049 Sharing of Committee Drafts for EL-039 (AS/NZS 4249)


All nominations are to be emailed to us at and will be passed to our National Office. 

Each nomination must address the following:

  • Name, company and contact details
  • Standard committee wanting to join (can be vacant or other)
  • Reason for wanting to join
  • Brief outline expertise in the area of the committee.


If you have any questions or require any additional information please contact us on (08) 8272 2966 or email