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NECA's services are tailored to the unique needs of contractors working in the electrical and communications industry.
NECA employs specialists in industrial relations, occupational health and safety, management, education and training, human resources and technology who are on-hand to offer advice on a range of topics and provide representation and support in industrial relations matters.

We offer a range of commercial and professional services that assist contractors in their day-to-day business operations - saving members time and money. We provide information, advice and practical tools to make business easier, safer and more profitable. Membership of NECA will ensure you have the necessary tools to save money, be informed about changes in the industry, take advantage of opportunities and meet your business goals.


The benefits of membership are comprehensive and invaluable to electricians and communications cablers running a business, whether a small, one-man operation, through small to medium enterprises and right up to large contracting firms. 

Benefits include the provision of timely advice and support when you need it, to help you save money and be prepared - before problems arise.  We also provide regular information and updates on industry happenings, and offer savings on a wide range of business stationery, tools and manuals, as well as discounted training.

Our Member benefits cover seven broad areas which are:

1.    Industrial relations and employee advice
2.    Occupational Health & Safety
3.    Education & Training
4.    Commercial & Contracts
5.    Industry & business information
6.    Technical and licensing support
7.    Industry recognition

For additional information the Membership Benefits brochure can be downloaded or simply contact the NECA Queensland state chapter on telephone 07 3276 7950 or email NECA Queensland.

Subscription rates

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How to join?

Membership of NECA Queensland guarantees that you will be kept up-to-date on the latest developments in the industry and are able to keep pace with your competitors.
Simply complete the application form below and return to NECA Queensland. 

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Contact information

Suite 1.5 Ian Barclay Building
460-492 Beaudesert Road
PO Box 778
P: 07 3276 7950
F: 07 3276 8108