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20th February 2018

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With the Queensland State election campaign in full swing, the NECA Queensland Chapter has released its Election Blueprint 2017 that details the key priorities that NECA believes the next State Government needs to implement to grow the electrical and communications contracting industry in Queensland.

The Blueprint was framed after NECA conducted a survey of members seeking input into what issues are important. This survey provided some very useful comments from members that helped inform the NECA Blueprint.

The Blueprint provides a detailed overview of the needs and complexities of the electrical and communications contracting industry and a deeper knowledge of the policies requested by us. NECA believes that the following ten key recommendations in the blueprint will deliver a better electrical and communications contracting sector through the creation of new economic and employment opportunities:

  • Deliver or act as a strong majority government with a clear mandate to lead and execute its legislative and economic agendas;
  • Better understand business requirements and resist the influence of minority interest groups;
  • Progressively lift the payroll tax exemption threshold to provide tax relief to small electrical and communications contractors;
  • Commit to legislative consistency and realign the Queensland WHS legislation with nationally agreed ‘model laws’ including repealing the recently passed industrial manslaughter laws.
  • Reinvesting to meet the State’s future infrastructure requirements.
  • Maintain national discussion on creating a single, national licensing scheme for both electricians and electrical contractors in order to reduce compliance and regulatory burdens;
  • Explore new opportunities to encourage the take-up of electrical storage battery systems and Energy Smart Meters either through grants, subsidies or other measures, in order to place downward pressure on electricity prices;
  • Provide better incentives for the employment of apprentices through the extension of the Payroll Tax 50% Rebate, introducing adult apprentice wage subsidies and Construction Skills grants to group training companies;
  • Take a leadership role in stamping out non-compliant electrical products; and
  • Introduce mandatory electrical safety audits at point of sale or new lease for residential properties.


Election Blueprint 2017