Industry Specialist Mentoring for Australian Apprentices (ISMAA) Program




About us

NECA is your local ISMAA Provider in the Region.  Our job is to support you in your apprenticeship.


About the Electrical Industry Specialist Mentoring for Australian Apprentices Program

You will receive tailored personalised support form your own dedicated Mentor and if you need it, you will receive additional servicing.  Our Mentors are people with experience in the industry that understand your issues.  They also have the contacts to be able to support you whenever a problem arises or you have a question about anything to do with your apprenticeship.


What will happen when you register?

Rapid Engagement - Contact immediately after your referral from or inquiry to arrange an appointment with a Mentor.

Individual Planning - At your first interview, the Mentor will work with you to identify any issues and the support you may need while in your Apprenticeship. An Individualised Mentoring Plan will be designed with you, based on your individual needs,

Mentoring Support - Depending on your needs, the Mentor will schedule regular face-to-face meetings with you and might also keep in touch by phone, SMS, Skype and email.

Additional Specialised Servicing - where needed the Mentor will arrange any additional support you might require to address any issues that may be threatening your Apprenticeship.


Our Service to Apprentices:

As a registered Apprentice with the Electrical Industry Specialist Mentoring for Australian Apprentices Program, you will be able to access a range of the following from your Mentor:

  • support in the developent of your technical skills;
  • support in the understanding of your training requirements;
  • advice on your career and pathway planning;
  • help you to maintain your motivation to stay on and complete your apprenticeship;
  • help build your confidence and achieve your potential;
  • help you to understand workplace expectations;
  • tips for managing relationships with supervisors and colleagues;
  • intervene or mediate with your employers to resolve issues at work;
  • resolve issues with your training provider that could pose a threat to the completion of your training;
  • practical tips for surviving the initial months of your apprenticship;
  • advice on preparing and coping with work and time management;
  • assistance with filling out paperwork related to your Apprenticeship
  • being accessible when you need advice or support; and 
  • Referral to support services if you are struggling with personal issues.



Phone 07 3276 7950


Industry Specialist Mentoring for Australian Apprentices (ISMAA) is funded by the Australian Government Department of Education and Training


☎:1300 361 099
✉: 122 Hume Highway, Chullora NSW 2190


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