Energise Oz

The Energise Oz pilot was developed by the industry to improve apprentice completion rates. This modernised apprenticeship model offers a flexible system, recognising individual needs. It is a nationally consistent program aiming to address the future demand for electricians and produce a healthier, productive workforce.


Energise Oz pilot overview

Readiness Assessment
Candidates sit an assessment to ensure they are ‘ready’ for an apprenticeship
Industry Mentors
Facilitate success of the Apprentice, Employer and Training Provider
National Apprentice Register (NAR) Employers access candidate details for employment
Workplace evidence gathering tools Tracks apprentice progression - Instant access to trade school and profiling results
Benchmark Progression Points and Assessment The phases and assessments are set by the industry
Blended Learning Delivered by the Training Providers and support apprentice engagement and progression


What’s in it for your business?

Save time and money on your recruitment process:

  • Utilise the free NAR as your new recruitment tool
  • Select future employees who have passed the industry assessment
  • Skip the first round interview and start at the second round interview. No need for aptitude testing.

For further information contact 1300 11 EMAP.


☎:1300 361 099
✉: 122 Hume Highway, Chullora NSW 2190