Employing an apprentice


To become a Host Employer and have a NECA Group Training apprentice/s or for us to manage your current apprentices, please contact Patrick Stabback on (07) 32767950.

How to find apprentices

As an employer, you have two primary options for finding a new apprentice. You can:

  • Use the services of a Group Training Company which has available a pool of talented, suitable apprentices at various levels of their training, who can be employed by you for an agreed period in accordance with your work demands.  This takes away the risk to your business of hiring apprentices for the duration of their four-year apprenticeship, while ensuring you have the skilled tradespeople available as you need them.
  • Consider direct employment - you will need to find, recruit and train the apprentice yourself, and will need to make a commitment to hiring the apprentice for the duration of their apprenticeship, as well as fulfilling your other obligations as an employer.


National Supervision Policy for Electrotechnology Apprenticeships

The industry has produced a National Supervision Policy – Electrotechnology as advisory information for those who are involved in providing supervision to electrotechnology apprentices in training. It specifically deals with the electrical apprenticeship with the likely outcome of an electrical licence.

The policy presents a model of best practice supervision and suggested safe work practice for supervisors responsible for supervising apprentices during their period of competency development.Importantly, it is hoped that in publishing this policy guide more sound supervision and safe work practices will emerge, leading to reductions in danger to life and property and the development of quality tradespersons for the industry.

Download a copy of the National Supervision Policy – Electrotechnology here.


National Code of Good Practice for New Apprenticeships

The Supervision Policy supplements the National Code of Good Practice for New Apprenticeships released by the Australian Government.  This document has been developed to assist employers and apprentices to understand their obligations and expectations when entering into a Training Contract.

New Apprenticeships are often referred to as apprenticeships and traineeships.  Essentially the employer and the apprentice both enter into a formal agreement known as the Training Contract. This sets out the legal obligations that are binding on the employer and the apprentice and is entered into with a commitment to mutual respect, honesty and fairness.

Both the employer and the apprentice agree on the qualification and the competencies that the New Apprentice is working to attain, and the training organisation that will deliver the training, and they will have an understanding of the duration of the apprenticeship, the dispute resolution avenues and an understanding of what is required to terminate the Training Contract.

For further information visit the Australian Apprenticeships website or call 13 38 73.


Incentives & Subsidies

Apprenticeships may attract financial assistance for eligible employers to help reduce the real cost of training.

Complete information on incentives can be found at the Australian Apprenticeships website.


Australian Apprenticeship Centres

Australian Apprenticeships Centres provide a free service to employers to help them with the sign-up and administration of apprenticeships.  They now operate from more than 500 sites Australia-wide.

To find the location of an Australian Apprenticeships Centre, visit the Australian Apprenticeships website or call 13 38 73.

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