Career opportunities

Depending on your qualifications and training, there is a wide range of options available for work in the electrical industry. You could work in one or more of the following fields:

  • Electrical or communications contracting in domestic homes - wiring new homes or upgrading or repairing wiring in existing homes, or Smart Wiring a home with the latest integrated technologies for light and power, security, telephone, entertainment and computer systems.
  • Electrical or communications contracting in commercial premises - where you would be involved in major network installations in eg high rise buildings, hospitals, schools, shopping centres, hotels, sports stadiums or other commercial buildings.
  • Electrical or communications contracting in industrial premises - where you would work on the wiring of highly complex electrical or communications systems in premises such as factories, manufacturing plants and power stations or out on oil rigs. This could include lighting and climate control, turbines and generators, uninterrupted power supply systems, conveyor belts and elevator systems, weighing and measuring equipment, robotic assembly systems and process control and feedback systems.
  • Electrical or communications work for Federal, State and Local Government - which are responsible for a wide range of public services and infrastructure such as Army, Air Force and Navy Bases (including ships and submarines), government departments, museums, art galleries, libraries, schools, Australian Embassies and Consulates, roads, lighting and signalling systems, prisons, courts and police stations.
  • Work in the fire protection industry as an electrician - installing fire protection systems and electronic control panels in commercial or industrial buildings.
  • Work in the lift industry as an electrician - installing lifts in high rise buildings.
  • Work in the refrigeration and air conditioning industry - where you would be involved in installing and/or repairing refrigeration systems or air conditioning units across commercial, industrial and domestic premises.
  • Work in specialised service areas such as voice and data communications, computer networks, security systems or maintenance.
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