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17th March 2020


The FPAS (Fire Protection Accreditation Scheme) requires all individuals of companies who carry out fire related work for the purpose of AFSS (Annual Fire Safety Statement) and Fire Design to be registered with the FPAA (Fire Protection Association Australia).

The cost of an individual registration is approximately $1000 for the AFSS.

You don’t have to be registered if you are only doing installation and maintenance type work.

Mechanical Ventilation and Mech/Elec companies at this stage, are not required to register with the FPAA.

NECA are approaching the Honourable Kevin John Anderson, MP to intervene on behalf of all members. We will be asking him to refund all members that have had to register with the FPAA once NECA have formalised a training and registration program under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979, Environmental Planning and Assessment Amendment (Fire Safety and Building Certification) Regulation 2017.

The NFIA (National Fire Industry Association) have a meeting with the Minister this week regarding their concerns about FPAS and NECA will be included in this.

The NFIA and NECA are recommending that fire technicians become licenced and the fire industry is regulated through this avenue instead of an accreditation scheme.

Any concerns please contact Grant Morehouse on 0497 767 473 or email grant.morehouse@neca.asn.au