Becoming a member of NECA is very easy.  All we need to know is how many electrical staff you have in your workforce – including your apprentices.  Our membership rates are based on the size of your business and provide you with a package of tools and services to help you manage your business. 

As well as these core tools and services we offer you a range of business deals and discounts, and we represent your interests with government and the regulators – so we need hear what challenges you are facing in running your business.  We will also keep you up-to-date on technical issues and industry news. Plus we have a range of consulting services in our larger chapters provided at very competitive rates.

And we can provide you with an apprentice for those times when you need that additional resource.

As you would expect each state offers a slightly different range of packages based on local market demand – so to find out more about what’s on offer in your State or Territory click here .


Take a look at our ‘Dave’ videos where we explore the day-to-day services (Dave 1) and the behind-the-scenes support (Dave 2) we offer to small and medium-sized electrical contracting businesses.  We hope you will find the videos both amusing and informative.

ACT - Brett McIntyre
T: (02) 6280 5580
NSW - Brian Davies
T: (02) 9744 1099
SA - Leah Boyce
T: (08) 8272 2966
TAS - Neca Tasmania
T: (03) 6234 3464
QLD - Gavan Porter
T: (07) 3276 7950
VIC  - David Clulow
T: (03) 9645 5533
VIC  - Jo Varley
T: (03) 9645 5533
WA - Glen Rothlisberger
T: (08) 6241 6100