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Literacy and numeracy are the key to success

In the electrical contracting industry good literacy and numeracy skills are essential for anyone wanting to become an electrician.  We therefore welcome the government’s commitment to raising the bar in this regard and endorse their focus on the Trades pathway for people striving for a career in our industry.

“NECA employs 2,000 apprentices directly and trains a further 8,000 people... MORE

Reinstating Australia's building industry watchdog

The National Electrical and Communications Association (NECA) welcomes Martin Ferguson’s support in relation to the ABCC.  At this time of turmoil and uncertainty for the building and construction industry it is encouraging to see both sides of politics supporting the reinstatement for the industry watchdog.  “When the former head of one of Australia’s major unions is backing an initiative of... MORE

Clipsal and Schneider Electric Partner Business Product Recall

We have been informed that a problem has been identified with one of the Clipsal 413 series products :
1.        There is faulty marking of the active and earth connections.
2.        The fault apparently only affects production units marked 2013-48.
3.        Not all of that product is faulty – but it could be as high as 4,000 units Australia-wide.

... MORE

Royal Commission into Trade Union Governance and Corruption

As the voice of the major electrical and communication contractors in the Australian building and construction industry, NECA endorses the government's decision to proceed with the Royal Commission into Trade Union Governance and Corruption.  And we look forward to seeing the terms of reference.  The Cole Royal Commission in 2001 resulted in numerous findings and/or recommendations. ... MORE

National licensing abandoned

NECA is pleased that COAG has today refused to sign-off on the inferior national electrical licensing scheme proposal presented earlier in the year.  That proposal was not supported by industry and would have undermined electrical safety across Australia.

But that said, it is a disappointment that after 4 years of hard work we still do not have a national licensing system supported by... MORE

Royal Commission into the home insulation program

The National Electrical and Communications Association (NECA) is pleased to support the Coalition’s move today to seek a judicial enquiry into the home insulation programme.

“We were one of the organisations advising the Government not to go ahead with their insulation scheme – and so we support this proposed enquiry wholeheartedly,” says James Tinslay, NECA CEO.  “It is very sad that... MORE

Does it comply?

NECA and Voltimum launched the Does it comply? initiative this week at the offices of Standards Australia, in Sydney’s CBD. The event was attended by 40 senior executives from the electrical and communications industry, and the first person to sign the pledge to stamping out non-compliant products was Wes McKnight – NECA’s National Chairman. 

“There is no place for non-compliant... MORE


2014 will see KNX and NECA working together on a joint marketing program. To find out more about KNX

New national CEO

Suresh Manickam will take over from James Tinslay in February 2014 as NECA’s national CEO. Suresh Manickam will join NECA as the new national CEO in February 2014. Suresh is currently the Executive Officer of Strata Community Australia (NSW) – the industry’s peak body, and has an extensive background in government relations and regulation affairs. He has also worked for the HIA, the NSW... MORE

2013 National Award winners

The National NECA Excellence Awards took place in Sydney this year and the competition was intense.  State winners from across Australia came to the national awards ceremony with great expectations.  In some categories we had as many as seven finalists.  We saw projects as diverse as upgrading the Sydney Harbour Bridge’s communications network through to work on Jamie Oliver’s new restaurant... MORE


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