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Learn how to enforce a Judgement Debt against a debtor

Presenter(s): Marina Galatoulas, Maryanne Awad
After receiving a Court judgement that orders a debtor to pay you money, this does not always mean that you will be paid. In many cases, after receipt of the judgement, most creditors still need to take further steps to ensure they are paid. Marina Galatoulas, Solicitor at CTI Lawyers, will discuss the steps involved and provide an understanding of how to enforce a Judgement Debt. 


5 Key Clauses for Contractors when negotiating contracts.

Presenter: Jacques Nel
In this webinar, Jacques Nel from CTI Lawyers will discuss the 5 Key Clauses for contractors when negotiating contracts. Key takeaways include: (1) Security and recourse to security; (2) Risk of errors, ambiguities and inconsistencies in contract documentation (3) Delays and extension of time; and (4) Liquidated damages and delay costs.


What you need to know about Safe Working Practices

Presenter: Owen Leslie
All electricians work on or near energised electrical installations. Work such as switching, isolating, removing fuses or links, isolation verification, testing, fault finding or even ‘Live electrical work’ are all considered high-risk activities that could result in a fatality.
This webinar presented by Owen Leslie from NECA WHS is based on the requirements set out in AS/NZS4836:2011 Safe Working on or near low-voltage equipment, Managing the Risk of electrical work code of practice and the WHS Regulation 2012.

The new rules for JobKeeper 2.0.

Presenter: ESV
The webinar will discuss the new rules to the JobKeeper 2.0.


Debt Recovery for Electrical Contracting Business

Presenter(s): Stafford Poyser and Marina Galaoulos 
There have been several building companies recently not paying subcontractors. Many of these subcontractors now or in the future will face financial difficulties from not getting paid the money they are owed.
If this sounds like you, then watch the CTI Lawyers webinar on Debt Recovery for Electrical Contracting Businesses.
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Are you ready for a Cyber Attack?

Presenter: Benjamin Di Marco - WTW
89% of IT professionals believe COVID-19 has increased the risk of cyber-attacks to businesses. Join Cyber and Technology Specialist Benjamin Di Marco as he discusses the importance of cyber security for electrical contracting business owners.
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Industry Safety Information - Taking the steps to prevent your business from being quarantined

Presenter: Owen Leslie
While the COVID restrictions are easing, several employees are returning to work, and as an employer, you are responsible for ensuring that your workplace is COVID safe.
NECA's WHS professional, Owen Leslie, discusses the steps required to prevent your business from being quarantined. The webinar covers a recent case study relating to electrical businesses isolating workers exposed to the virus and identify key issues in relation to risk assessment, physical distancing for electrical contractors, cleaning and masks, and HVAC system requirements.



NECA Excellence & Apprentice Awards Webinar - Tips to Help You Submit Your Project

Presenter: Ian Millner
The Excellence Awards aims to congratulate and acknowledge the outstanding professionalism, commitment and innovation within our industry. Get the recognition your company deserves for its’ outstanding work by nominating your company projects. NECA's video discusses tips to help you submit your project.

Managing Contracts in the Ever-Changing Coronavirus Landscape

Presenter(s): Stafford Poyser and Jacques Nel
“The Coronavirus has caused unprecedented uncertainty in the construction industry with economic conditions and government advice changing by the day.  In these circumstances it is important for members to understand their legal rights and liabilities under existing contracts as well as relevant issues to consider for future contracts.  Members have raised the following questions with NECA Legal in the last week:
  • What are my rights if there is a site lockdown due to coronavirus?  
  • What happens if I cannot supply labour, goods, or equipment because of the coronavirus?            
Your rights and obligations will of course depend on the terms of the relevant contract.  The webinar will focus on the following key contract topics to consider:
  • Changes in Legislation.
  • Delay Costs and Extensions of time.
  • Suspension of works.
  • “Force Majeure” what does it mean and how does it apply? 
  • Termination or Frustration of Contracts.
  • Lockdown of sites and exemptions for Essential Services?
  • Foreshadowed changes to relax the Insolvency Laws and directors’ liabilities to assist business survive the coronavirus pandemic
  • Are your OHS procedures “Coronavirus” compliant?


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Strategies & Tactics on How to Communicate with Employees about Implementing Flexible Working Conditions and Remuneration

Presenter: Simon Clatworthy
The webinar will cover areas of  understanding the levels of empathy; engaging the team in a meaningful manner; acknowledgement of the current situation being very stressful for many people; operating in a state of Known Unknowns opportunities and more.


COVID-19 and Insurance

Presenters: NECAGuard
The COVID-19 pandemic is an unprecedented global event and the insurance industry is not immune. The NECAGuard team at Willis Towers Watson discuss what may and may not be claimable. We will include discussion on the impact for various policies including Personal Accident & Sickness, Workers Compensation, Public Liability, Property (including Business Interruption) and Travel.



Share Market Methodology & Opportunities

Presenter: Russ Jones

The Dow Jones posted 2 of the top 5 worst ever declines in its history this month. Not since the 1987 crash have we witnessed wealth destruction on such a grand scale, and this fast. According to some of the world’s top economists and investors, this pain is only the beginning. Because this time it’s different.

The worst may not be here yet. We are at a critical junction, with investors panicking and fearful. How you position your investments and super funds in the coming weeks can have a major impact on your future wealth and life. Back in 2008, Russ Jones, Senior Wealth Advisor, helped clients navigate the storm and not only survive the crash and subsequent market corrections… but thrive.

Exclusively for NECA Members and friends, this is a critical webinar if you have any money or super in the markets. You do not want to miss this briefing. Russ is not just some pundit or talking head. He puts his own money on the line wth these opportunities and ideas.



JobKeeper Payment Webinar - Your Questions Answered

Presenter(s): Oliver Judd, Tom Emeleus and Lauren Howe
The JobKeeper payment helps businesses significantly impacted by the Coronavirus cover the costs of their employees’ wages, so more Australians can retain their jobs and continue to earn an income. NECA webinar discusses employers and employees eligibility and how it applies to your business.


Mental Health and Small Business Owners - a Key to Survival


Presenter: O'Hanlon

“We’re all facing unprecedented challenges due to the coronavirus pandemic and the impact on small business owners is significant. We’re working in ways we’ve likely never had to before. Pressure on revenue, employee management issues including staffing levels, working from home arrangements for short or extended periods, and planning for the future while dealing with the present, are all weighty issues that need to be addressed.
Looking after your own mental health as well as that of your staff is equally important. Beyond Blue discusses strategies, tools and resources to support the mental health of business owners.


Economic Panic Mode! But it's Going to be OK
Presenter: Russell Jones
Russ Jones, will discuss both the share markets’ and credit markets’ current volatility, and the forthcoming economic impact upon your business, investments and super funds. As well, the current market has presented once in a decade opportunities where significant wealth can be made and lost. These ideas will be presented along with a Q&A forum.

The new rules for JobKeeper 2.0.

Presenter: ESV
The webinar will discuss the new rules to the JobKeeper 2.0.


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