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Installing multiple 20A 3 Phase Socket outlets on one circuit

Q: Can I Install multiple 20A 3 phase socket outlets on one circuit?

A: Yes, however this would not meet the criteria of Clauses 1.6.1 (e), 1.7.1 and 1.7.2. 

The main issue is that to install multiple outlets on one circuit, the cable and RCD would have to be current matched to the load required by the outles say at 20A each. Accounting for voltage drop and instalation conditions, this circuit would be expensive to install compared to individual circuits for each outlet. The clauses above relate to faults and the reliability of the circuit including safe and sound work practices and sound principles 

So, would I install multiple 20A 3 phase socket outlets on a single circuit? No, it isn't best practice nor does it meet the requirements of the above clauses



Equipotential Bonding Conductor Connection Point

Q: Do I have to install an Equipotential Bonding Conductor Connection Point?

A: Yes. As stated in AS/NZS3000:2018 amendment 1 Clauses and  The connection must be accessible, identifiable on the originating switchboard or other permanent locations, protected against corrosion and mechanical damage and designed and constructed in accordance with Clause 3.7. 
There are purpose-built products on the market which suits this requirement and are easy to install and use. Remember that a pool builder cannot undertake equipotential bonding as they are not a licenced electrician


Pool Bonding 

Q: Do I have to bond a swimming pool and the pool fence?

A: Yes. A pool must be bonded. This has always been a rule. The current Wiring Rules AS/NZS 3000:2018 amendment 1 January 2020, clause regarding Swimming and spa pools and the following clauses to And a picture is worth a thousand words so have a read of Figure 5.9 as well.

Basically, anything that is conductive within arm’s reach (1.25m) shall be bonded. However, there is an exception. Also, if you are trying to earth a glass pool fence, that being the supporting feet, suggest to the pool builder to use composite material instead of metal?


Installation of Smoke Detectors 

Q: How many smoke detectors do I need to install and what location in a Class 1a building (single dwelling)?

A: Depending on which state or territory the minimum requirement as per the NCC clause shall be one on each storey containing bedrooms between each part of the dwelling containing bedrooms and where bedrooms are served by a hallway and any other storey not containing bedrooms. In Queensland, the requirement is to install smoke detectors in each room used for sleeping including egress paths from these rooms and on each level of a house. In NSW, Tasmania and the ACT, the minimum requirement is one on each level and one located outside a bedroom or group of bedrooms. Photoelectric and ionisation type alarms are OK to use in ACT, TAS and NSW, but QLD must be the photoelectric type.

Always check the local fire authority website for guidance in your state or territory and the National Construction Code for the minimum requirements.


Service and Installation Rules NSW Interpretation

Recently NECA was approached by a member and their client regarding a loss of supply via an underground service main. This resulted in NECA collaborating with Ausgrid considering different opinions of the interpretation in the responsibility of maintenance and ownership of service mains. Whilst on this occasion Ausgrid replaced the service there is still more work to be done towards clarification of the Distributor’s responsibilities regarding underground and overhead service mains. NECA is advocating for successful outcomes for members and their customers including the distributors. NECA is working for stronger relationships with the three NSW Distributors and communicating together for clarity for everyone in NSW whilst considering the needs and expectations of industry, stakeholders and the public.


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