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NSW Government RCD Consumer Safety Campaign


The NSW Government has launched a campaign to educate consumers about the importance of electrical safety in and around the home. NECA is part of the NSW Government’s cross-industry partnership between government, non-government and industry organisations, which will help reduce risk and potentially save lives.

Of the 4,500 home fires in NSW each year 40% are caused by electrical faults and appliances. These fires could have been prevented by a licensed electrician checking electrical wiring and installing safety switches. The NSW campaign will focus on promoting actions homeowners can take such as having the home checked by a licensed electrician, having safety switches professionally installed and testing them regularly.

As part of the partnership, NECA will work with members to support outreach to homeowners about electrical safety. 


Purpose of the campaign

The Government is highlighting the importance of:

  • testing safety switches regularly 
  • using a licensed electrician for all electrical work.


Five tips on how to talk to homeowners about electrical safety

Electricians know electrical safety better than anyone. And it is important we remind our customers about how safety switches can help save lives.

  1. Check if the customer has safety switches installed in their switchboard when you do electrical work in older residential properties in NSW. If not, mention the NSW Government campaign (with industry, government and non-government partners) encouraging safety switch installation in homes
  2. Show or explain what safety switches are and how they help to prevent deadly electric shocks and house fires. Highlight that 40% of house fires each year are caused by electrical faults and appliances. Getting a licenced electrician to check the electrical wiring and install safety switches could have prevented these fires.
  3. Direct customers to content that will help them understand why safety switches are important. The NSW Government has a campaign encouraging installation and testing of safety switches, visit, and search ‘electrical safety’. 
  4. Include the following suggested text in your email signature: Safety switches save lives – helping to prevent electric shock and house fires. Don’t have them installed? A licensed electrician can get the job done. Contact me to find out more.
  5. Share the videos or safety switch posts from the NSW Government Facebook pages. You can also share a copy of NECA’s ‘Is your home safe?’ brochure 


For more information on educating homeowners about electrical safety, keep an eye out for NECA's newsletter on RCD Consumer Safety Campaigns information.

You can also visit the NSW Government.

☎:1300 361 099
✉: 122 Hume Highway, Chullora NSW 2190


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