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Managing Coronavirus in the Workplace Webinar Series

As you are aware, there is a current global outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19). The outbreak has been declared a Public Health Emergency of International Concern by the World Health Organisation. NECA staff are on hand to support members and their businesses during this difficult time. As part of our commitment to members, we have organised webinars to assist you in managing your business through this Coronavirus crisis and to keep keep your business on track.


Upcoming Webinars

Mental Health and Small Business Owners - a Key to Survival

Your job management software is difficult to manage when everyone's in the same room, so what now? Working remotely is no longer foreign and likely a thing to stay, so how do you maximise your systems? 
Does your team feel empowered? Are your technology platforms setting them up for success? The answer is likely no. Maximising technology is one of the most critical success factors in leading a team and remaining top of the pack in terms of customer service. 
Join us on Wednesday 20th May at 11.00am with Tiffany English from Modus Operandi to disuss tips and tricks you need, to implement change and ensure your technology starts working for you, no matter where your team are.

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When: 20 May

Time: 11.00am-12pm


Past Webinars:

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Managing Coronavirus in the Workplace

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5Cs of Crisis Response

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Ashton Bishop tba

Economic Panic Mode! But it's Going to be OK

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All NECA Members receive a free 20 minute consultation with Russell Jones on Bulletproofing their Business Plan for the Downtown. Get in touch with Rusell on 0412 764 195. 
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NECA Excellence & Apprentice Awards Webinar - Tips to Help You Submit Your Project

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Managing Contracts in the Ever Changing Coronavirus Landscape

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Stafford Poyser

Jacques Nel

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Are Your OHS Procedures "Coronavirus" Compliant?

NECA's WHS Team discuss ways to ensure that your company OHS Procedures are coronavirus compliant. Topics include where to find NECA Resources; COVID-19 Safety Protocol Update; passengers in vehicles; working in close proximity with other workers; work in COVID-19 active sites - Hospitals and aged care; and what to do if employees breach protocol.

For more information, visit NECA's TKB.

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Strategies & Tactics on How to Communicate with Employees about Implementing Flexible Working Conditions and Remuneration
The webinar covers areas of understanding the levels of empathy; engaging the team in a meaningful manner; acknowledgement of the current situation being very stressful for many people; operating in a state of unknown opportunities and more.
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COVID-19 and Insurance

The COVID-19 pandemic is an unprecedented global event and the insurance industry is not immune. The NECAGuard team at Willis Towers Watson discuss what may and may not be claimable. We will include discussion on the impact for various policies including Personal Accident & Sickness, Workers Compensation, Public Liability, Property (including Business Interruption) and Travel.

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Share Market Methodology & Opportunities

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Managing COVID-19 in the Workplace - Chat-time with the NECA Team
Oliver Judd
Owen Leslie
Lauren Howe

JobKeeper Payment Webinar - Your Questions Answered

The JobKeeper payment helps businesses significantly impacted by the Coronavirus cover the costs of their employees’ wages, so more Australians can retain their jobs and continue to earn an income. NECA recently held a webinar to discuss employers and employees eligibility and how it applies to your business. 

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Oliver Judd

Tom Emeleus

Lauren Howe

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Mental Health and Small Business Owners - a Key to Survival

“We’re all facing unprecedented challenges due to the coronavirus pandemic and the impact on small business owners is significant. We’re working in ways we’ve likely never had to before. Pressure on revenue, employee management issues including staffing levels, working from home arrangements for short or extended periods, and planning for the future while dealing with the present, are all weighty issues that need to be addressed. Looking after your own mental health as well as that of your staff is equally important. Beyond Blue discusses strategies, tools and resources to support the mental health of business owners. 


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